Nigel Farage: “Maybe Greta Thunberg has a point”

Nigel Farage has admitted that Greta Thunberg might have a point about global warming, in a column for the Daily Mail.

Writing a diary over the weekend, Farage provided details of his coronavirus hideaway in rural Kent.


The Brexit Party leader confessed that he breaks social isolation guidelines by going on a couple of walks a day.

However, these rambles seem to have led Farage to somewhat of a political epiphany.

“Shortly after dawn, the drill of the woodpecker sounds, and every day I see blossoms and flowers emerging,” he writes.

“I can’t remember bluebells being out in early April before. Maybe Greta Thunberg has a point after all.”

Previously Farage and his crowd have been highly critical of Thunberg – the world’s leading climate change activist.

And, back in July last year, the Brexiteer even suggested that young people are indoctrinated to believe in global warming.

Speaking to controversial right-wing American activist Candace Owens on her YouTube channel, Farage said that environmentalism is “not taught objectively in schools.”

He went on to lament the fact that climate change is taught as a fact and there is “no debate about carbon dioxide and global warming”.

It seems Farage just had to venture to the countryside for a couple of weeks to change his own mind.

One response to “Nigel Farage: “Maybe Greta Thunberg has a point”

  1. A real shame that the person who wrote this is too stupid/dense to pecieve a tongue-in-cheek comment. Of course, the climate is being damaged but not by carbon alone. it’s main destruction is the garbage, litter and housing put together to accommodate yet more low IQ refugees and migrants in the west. You can’t save the trees and save the refugees. So, shoot the boots and let nature have a chance.

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