“They copy everything we do!”: Nigel Farage fumes in live reaction video to Boris speech

Nigel Farage turned up the sarcasm yesterday as Brexit Party press officers decided to record a live video of the party leader watching Boris Johnson’s conference speech.

Farage basically spent 90% of the five minute video moaning about how the Conservative Party has stolen all of his ideas.


This started pretty much immediately, as Farage claimed Boris had nicked his entrance routine for rallies… Seriously.

“It’s exactly what we did. It’s hilarious. They literally copy everything we do! It’s comical. I don’t think they’ve got a single idea of their own,” Farage said obviously completely relaxed about the whole situation.

Farage then nearly fell off his chair when Johnson repeated the Brexit Party’s line, “we’re ready for it”.

Shouting at the TV like a drunk uncle, Farage said: “You couldn’t invent this! Christ! I should lend him a pair of shoes, shouldn’t I?”

Nearly finishing off the Brexit Party leader, Boris then announced that the Tories would be extending gigabit broadband (already one of Farage’s policies).

“Wow. Where did that idea come from? I can’t think,” Farage commented, on the point of throwing his remote at the TV.

Farage then had a final dig at the PM, saying his speech wasn’t very exciting, and calling him “an after-dinner speaker.”

Schoolboy stuff.

10 responses to ““They copy everything we do!”: Nigel Farage fumes in live reaction video to Boris speech

  1. He’s right! We was beginning to think the same. As for Farage,
    I have never seen him lose an argument, no matter who he’s up against. He tells the truth ‘because he can’ says it the way it is, and has the habit of actually answering questions. He’s a one off! So whatever the media come up with doesn’t work.  Cameron knew any debate with him at his election/referendum, would be lost. The BBC, media and Parliament are still desperate to shut him up. That won’t happen, and they know it! He has got more sense and knowledge, than the whole political establishment put together! That’s why we respect him, they hate him!

    1. The media and the BBC are trying to “shut him up?”, Quite the opposite, nobody gets as much air time as Farage, he’s been on Question Time more than anyone else in the past few years, not bad for someone who’s never made it as far as MP after 7 attempts. He’s got a talk show on LBC and write columns in at least 2 major tabloids, how on earth do you think the are the media trying to shut him up!? As for “never losing an argument”, listen to him on the James O’Brian show, the whole 20 minute interview is available on YouTube but I suspect you won’t want to watch your great leader being shown up and exposes as a liar for that long.

  2. Same ol Tories trying to con the voters yet again, Theresa May stitched up the Brexit voters and now she is hated even more by the leave voters, now Boris Johnson is following her deluded plan to fudge the deals, so it looks as if we are leaving the EU but actually we are staying in and continuing to pay for years to come, while our NHS in cut to the bone, schools funding cuts, welfare for the elderly cuts, police force cuts, armed forces cuts, councils funding cuts, oh and look at that it’s the 21st century and we have food banks, yes the EU has been good for our country, I just hope that the country wakes up in time to stop the EU gravey train for good.

    1. Paul, I also hate that our social services have been cut to the bone, but the EU is not at fault, that’s just Tory policy, that’s always been Tory policy, cut public spending and give tax breaks to their super wealthy friends and family, leaving the EU won’t stop this, in fact, it will only make it much much worse, as our economy will be significantly damaged so therefore unemployment will rise. We’re already seeing this with the likes of Thomas Cook, etc and we’ve not even left the EU yet. Unemployment will also be worsened by businesses that wish to remain in the single market which will be forced to relocate to mainland europe to do so. The EU are actually bringing in the anti-tax avoidance directive in 2020 which would mean less tax dodging and therefore more money in the pot for public spending if we remained, this is probably the real reason serial tax Dodgers like Nige, Boris, Jacob, etc want us to leave the EU.

  3. Don’t forget about priti Patel and her hard line policy for immigration and how many HS have came out with the same lies that they will send illegal migrants back but surprise surprise, none of them will ever be sent back because they think they will fool you into voting for them again with the same lies that got them elected time and time again. We need to wake up and see through all of them and the rest of the traitors and vote for the party that speak out. Brexit party is the only way to go now if we want to grasp the chance to get out of the EU jail and to be free again to strike out into the world.

  4. They lied to get us in.they are all still lying.this country was great before the eu, I know I was there. We kept europe running 1946 onwards whith all there imports into Britain.

  5. My country has become weak & pathetic. We must be a laughing stock to Europe & the rest of the world. We must get brexit done. No deal. No problem. The remainers have created so many obstacles for brexit they are disgraceful. It needs boris/ farage to work together now.

  6. Farage can mock and jeer as much as he likes but the truth is The Brexit Party haven’t got one single seat in Parliament whereas Boris is the Prime Minister. Farage is jealous, he doesn’t want Boris to steal his thunder by taking us out of the EU on 31st October, deal or no deal. He knows he, and The Brexit Party will be finished and that will be the end of his political dream. He’s a hypocrite, he doesn’t want this country to leave the EU unless he’s the one that is deemed responsible for it. He’s a first class plonker and I hope Boris rubs his nose in it and gets us out of the EU and ruins his political ambitions.

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