Nigel Farage dines with conspiracy theorists at fundraiser for controversial right-wing youth group

Nigel Farage has been filmed dining with known conspiracy theorists at a fundraising event for a controversial right-wing group.

Farage last week attended a fundraiser for Turning Point U.K., the British branch of the pro-Donald Trump youth group.


Farage shared at a table the dinner with millionaire hotelier John Mappin and artist Amanda Eliasch. 

Mappin has shared anti-vaccine conspiracy theories and false information about Jewish financier George Soros, while Amanda Eliasch said Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech had been “proven right” by the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing.

Mappin, an advocate of Scientology, was seated opposite Farage. Since the dinner, he has shared this meme on Facebook, wrongly claiming that vaccinations cause autism and explode in the body like a “cluster bomb”.

Eliasch has also shared theories posted by conspiracist David Icke, including one which says there is a “political system orchestrated, created and controlled to this day by the Rothschilds called Zionism”.

In a speech delivered at the fundraiser, Farage attacked the education system, saying that it taught a liberal view of global warming, global corporatism and Judeo-Christian culture. 

He also thanked former Breitbart contributor Charlie Kirk for bringing Turning Point to the UK.

Farage may claim to have left behind the “fruitcakes and loonies” of UKIP, but he does still put himself in their company quite regularly.

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