Farage to fund group that warned of Brexit “crisis”

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Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party conference tour will fund a group that warned of a possible “crisis” in farming due to Brexit, Scram News can reveal.


One of the Brexit Party’s autumn conference events will take place at a venue that donates its profits to a charity that said that Brexit would damage the local farming industry.

The Kent Event Centre in Maidstone, where Farage will speak in September, donates all of its profits to Kent County Agricultural Society. In 2018, the charity said that Brexit would lead to a seasonal recruitment crisis in farming, due to a reduction in short-term workers from the EU.

Kevin Atwood, then chairman of the Kent County Agricultural Society, said:

“We are heading into a problem now and it is no good the government saying they are going to come up with a solution as we head towards Brexit – because it is a function of Brexit and the furore around it that it is developing now.

“There is a crisis emerging – probably not yet fully developed – and we have been trying for some time to alert the government that we have had problems, particularly with seasonal fruit pickers and it is getting worse.”

Farage’s Kent conference will be held as part of the Brexit Party’s national tour, in which MEPs and Brexit Party candidates will host talks about their anti-Brexit ideas. On Friday, we revealed that his Doncaster conference will take place at a venue that benefitted from £1m of EU funding.

And, in another awkward twist, Farage’s countrywide tour will also venture to the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales – owned by the Welsh businessman, Sir Terry Matthews, who said that Brexit would be “an absolute disaster” during the referendum campaign.

Farage is obviously desperate to get his message out to the world, but it’s probably counter-productive for him to fund his opponents in the process.

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