Nigel Farage breaks coronavirus lockdown rules to rage about migrants

Nigel Farage has broken lockdown rules to film an angry rant about migrants.

Posting on Twitter, the leader of the Brexit Party shared a video of him on a beach in Sussex, interviewing two people about migrant boat crossings from Europe.


Ranting in a non-essential trip from his Kent home, Farage said:

“This is now the favoured beach for migrants to come.

“Boats are coming in here… under the cover of darkness.

“This scandal is far bigger than anyone realises.”

Farage is a dab hand at whipping up anti-migrant hate and has previously complained about lockdown measures being too strict.

Nevertheless, to gather four people to shout about a few migrants entering the UK during lockdown is… bizarre.

Reacting to the video, journalist Otto English tweeted: “Why is Nigel Farage not obeying the lockdown? He’s a politician not a journalist and this isn’t essential travel.”

The video also shows Farage going to a second beach, whipping up hate and – potentially – coronavirus.

He added:

“In some of these camps they’ve had coronavirus so there’s a risk with that as well.”

Oh the irony.



One response to “Nigel Farage breaks coronavirus lockdown rules to rage about migrants

  1. Nigel farage broke the law (however you put it) by driving down to Dover and reporting on illegal immigrants entering the country by boat. No ifs or buts he broke the law full stop. By concentrating on the dominicon story what he did was to draw attention away from himself. Up until now I have had the highest regard for nigel and his views. However now I believe he has blotted his copy book and should be held to account. It was not his job to report on the illegals. It was the coastguards. So whatever way you look at it he broke the law and I am sure many of his listeners on lbc think the same.

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