Boris Johnson’s family in bed with China, claims Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has suggested that Boris Johnson’s family is in cahoots with the Chinese.

Speaking on his LBC show last night – in no doubt a desperate attempt to stay relevant – Farage spelled out the various relationships that members of the Johnson family have with China.


Farage noted that Boris’s father Stanley recently passed on a message from China to the UK government. He indicated the Chinese felt the PM hadn’t sent a personal message to Beijing about his decision to allow (restricted) UK access to Chinese telecoms firm Huawei.

Farage further pointed out that the PM stepbrother, Max, studied in Beijing and now helps Chinese businesses to invest internationally. The Brexit Party leader continued to say that the PM’s brother, Jo, once visited a Chinese university specialising in telecommunications during his time as Universities Minister.

This, according to Farage, amounts to the Johnson family being in the pocket of China.

“The one thing the Johnson family are not split on is they’re all massively pro China or involved with China,” Farage said.

But while these vague links to China might be cause for mild concern, it’s frankly hilarious that Farage complaining about it.

After all, we thought Brexit was about embracing the world outside Europe? If that doesn’t include China, who exactly does it include, Nigel?


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