Nigel Farage skewered by Andrew Neil about Islamophobia in the Brexit Party

BBC interrogator Andrew Neil proven yet again why Boris Johnson is so terrified to face him.

In the fourth in his series of general election interviews, Neil took Nigel Farage to task for Islamophobia in the Brexit Party.


Referring to comments made by the Brexit Party’s candidate in Edinburgh South West, Neil asked Farage: “Is it acceptable to call Islam a child rapist death cult?”

Farage seemed stumped, saying: “no, it wouldn’t be… why?”

When Neil pointed out that one of his general election candidates had literally made this comment, Farage then proceeded to claim that the party had ditched the candidate in question. They haven’t.

Neil followed up by asking: “Is it acceptable to say Islam is the problem and until we destroy them, the world will never be a safer place?”

This was a comment made by the party’s candidate in Birmingham Ladywood.

Again, Farage claimed he was completely unaware that one of his candidates had made these comments.

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. How would I?” Farage said.

Pointing out how ludicrous it is that Farage doesn’t know that some of his candidates are blatantly racist, Neil responded: “They’re your candidates! They’re standing under your flag.”

“I’m not a walking encyclopaedia… sorry,” Farage said.

And these aren’t the only Brexit Party candidates to have been accused of Islamophobia. Scram News has been tracking for months the anti-Islam hate spewed out by various of Farage’s candidates – most of whom haven’t been ditched by the party.

It’s good that he was finally held to account for it.