NHS worker shares heartbreaking “empty shelves” video

An NHS worker has shared a heartbreaking video of her attempts to try to buy food after work.

Molly Grace, an NHS mental health practitioner, shared a video last night of her efforts to buy bread at her local Sainsbury’s.


As you can see, the shelves are almost entirely deserted of food – mirroring supermarkets across the country at the end of each day.

The coronavirus outbreak is causing people to stockpile food, as people fear that our supplies might get disrupted.

However, there is no indication whatsoever that food stocks will dwindle due to crisis, and the government has consistently said there is no need to hoard.

The only reason there’s no food on the shelves is because people are buying too much.

And, as a result, many key workers who are dealing with this crisis – including people in the NHS – are finding empty shelves when they visit their local shops.

We need to think of others during this crisis. Selfishness will only cause things to get worse, not better.

Stay inside when possible, don’t hoard food or supplies, and give all the help you can to the old, the vulnerable, and our brilliant NHS staff.

And we’ll all have a pint when this is over.

Want to say thank you to the incredible NHS staff who are working on the front line of the coronavirus crisis? Sign our open letter here.

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