Ex-NHS chief expects full UK coronavirus lockdown “by the middle of this week”

The UK will almost certainly go into full lockdown this week to stop the spread of coronavirus, a former NHS leader has said.

Speaking to talkRADIO this morning, Roy Lilley – health commentator and former chairman of Homewood NHS Trust – said:


“I expect by the middle of this week that we will be in total lockdown. I think it’s a political decision maybe – but it’s a decision that’s driven by the science, and all the science says that we need to do a total lockdown.”

Indeed, Germany yesterday banned public gatherings of more than two people – following the example of Spain, France and Italy, where a total lockdown has been imposed for weeks.

Lilley highlighted that although a low percentage of Intensive Care Unit places are currently being used for COVID19 patients, this is adding strain to an already stretched system.

As the UK’s coronavirus cases rise rapidly, many will rightly be questioning why it took Boris Johnson so long to match the response of our neighbours.


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