New polls show importance of anti-Tory tactical voting in two crucial constituencies

People are being urged to vote tactically in two key constituencies, after new polling showed the Tories are on the verge of losing the seats.

Yesterday, a new Deltapoll survey showed a narrow lead for the Conservatives in Putney, London. However, the poll also demonstrated that if enough local voters switch from the Liberal Democrats to Labour, they can stop a Tory MP from being elected.


Putney has been a Conservative seat since 2005, held by anti-Brexit Tory Justine Greening. However, Greening has now withdrawn from politics, after being kicked out of the party for opposing a no-deal Brexit, and the new candidate – Will Sweet – will inevitably follow Boris Johnson’s line on Brexit.

The importance of tactical voting has also been backed up by a new poll in Guildford, Surrey.

In this seat, anti-Brexit voters are being encouraged to plump for the Lib Dems, as they’re the only party capable of beating the Tories.

To put this into context, since 1868 Guildford has elected a Tory MP on all but three occasions – 1868, 1906 and 2001. If half of the people currently intending to vote Labour plump for the Lib Dems instead, Jo Swinson’s party would comfortably win the seat.

If we want to thwart Boris Johnson and stop a Tory majority, it’s clear that we need to put party loyalties aside. The future of the country is literally at stake.

To see whether you should vote tactically on Thursday, make sure to visit the Best for Britain tactical voting website: tacticalvote.getvoting.org


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