New group launches to elect Remain MPs

A new group has today launched to organise Remain parties across the country, in order to maximise the number of pro-EU MPs elected at the next general election.

The group, called Unite to Remain, will be working with political leaders to negotiate a single, pro-Remain candidate in relevant constituencies, before supplying resources to the campaigns.


Independent MP Heidi Allen is the chair of the advisory council for Unite to Remain. Speaking about the launch, she said: “Given the high likelihood of a general election soon, we must begin urgent preparations to maximise our chance of returning to Parliament as many Remain-supporting MPs as possible. 

“This will require modern, country-first, cross-party collaboration across the nation and we are committed to working with and supporting all other Remain parties and independents who share this goal.”

Speaking to Scram News, Allen said that she has been driven to set up this new group by the prospect of a Boris Johnson premiership, propped up by Nigel Farage.

“It terrifies me the thought of what kind of government we might have and what kind of leader we might have in Boris. But that’s why we’re doing something about it.”

Remain parties recently agreed to stand just one candidate – Liberal Democrat Jane Dodds – in the upcoming Brecon and Radnorshire by-election, and Unite for Remain hope this will serve as a model across the country.

Indeed, Allen has big ambitions for the group, and hopes it can help to elect over 100 pro-Remain MPs to swing Parliament in favour of anti-extremist, internationalist politics.

“I get excited about the idea that this could be the start of a realignment of politics,” she says.

“It could be something huge.”

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