Netflix pulls Spectator advertising after social media backlash

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Netflix has pulled its advertising from a Spectator article that claimed that critics of homosexuality are “persecuted”.


The online streaming service has removed its adverts, after campaign group Stop Funding Hate pointed out that Netflix ads had appeared on a Brendan O’Neill article entitled: “When did personality identity become the only game in town?”, in which O’Neill criticises Pride month.

The article, which was published in July during Pride, asked: “Anyone else sick of the Pride flag?” and said that gay activists are “needy” because they ask for recognition.

Netflix removed the ads after Stop Funding Hate said that Netflix customers would be “disappointed to see their adverts” on the article. The campaign group urged people to tweet the streaming service “encouraging them to pull their ads”.

It’s not the first time the Spectator, one of Britain’s leading right-wing magazines, has been embroiled in controversy. Its columnist, Rod Liddle, has been consistently under fire for overt Islamophobia and its former editor, one Boris Johnson, has also been known to peddle controversial views within its pages.

Now, big brands are using their economic power to stand up against the bigoted views published by the right-wing magazine.

The Twitter account Mates Jacob, which investigates Conservative Party Islamophobia, said: “This could be a watershed moment for the Spectator.

“Their brand of dinner party racism and misogyny is now proving toxic for advertisers.”

Let’s hope so.


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