National Care chair explains government coronavirus care home failures

The Chair of the National Care Association has documented how the government has failed care homes during the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking on talkRADIO this morning, Nadra Ahmed said that underfunding, a lack of PPE, and delayed testing had heaped pressure on the sector.


“The social care sector has been underfunded,” Ahmed said – explaining that many care home providers receive only a few hundred pounds a week to look after highly vulnerable patients.

Moving on to the issue of protective equipment, she said: “PPE was important. It was essential. Without PPE, care home providers were not prepared to let their staff work in those services.

“And because it had been diverted to the NHS, we then got this scenario where we were having to purchase PPE at about over 400% more than a single item would have cost.”

And finally, referring to testing, which didn’t become universal in care homes until late April, Ahmed said: “The main thing that really concerns me is that we should have really started that testing process so that we could have seen what was going on.”

Now, as we all know, there have been more than 11,000 coronavirus deaths in care homes.

This is a crisis of the government’s making.