MPs preparing “big push” to pass a second referendum

There will be a “big push” from MPs next week to legislate for a second referendum, it has emerged.

According to Nick Watt, Political Editor of BBC Newsnight, MPs are preparing a major effort to secure a second referendum.


Asked about this plan on Newsnight last night, Labour backbencher Hilary Benn didn’t deny that a scheme was in place, saying “you’ll have to wait and see.”

He then went on to say that a second referendum was a “compromise” option – giving the people the final say. Watt speculated that the European Union is willing to give the UK a Brexit extension until the summer, to allow enough time for a second referendum to happen.

However, European Parliament President David Sassoli also told the programme that Boris Johnson had made it patently clear to him that the UK would not ask for another delay to Brexit.

We can only hope that Benn has outsmarted Boris.


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2 responses to “MPs preparing “big push” to pass a second referendum

  1. You do not, and never have had a mandate for ‘no deal’. You were not elected as PM. You have tried to bypass democracy for your own ends. You are proven to have lied on many occasions during your leave campaign. Consequently you do not have my trust and therefore do not speak for me. Do the right thing and resign. Allow the people to sort this brexit fiasco democratically by holding another referendum. To leave now would be irresponsible, as it will wreck the economy; the Union and the Good Friday Agreement. No responsible politician leading this country would inflict this on the people of this nation

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