MPs worried Boris Johnson could declare a national emergency to reverse Brexit extension

MPs and peers are wary that Boris Johnson could declare a national emergency to avoid asking Brussels for a Brexit extension.

According to Sam Coates of Sky News, parliamentarians have been discussing whether the Prime Minister is considering this move, and how to counter it. Under law, the PM could unilaterally call a national emergency and reverse the legislation that requires him to ask for a Brexit extension.


However, Coates has spoken to lawyers who doubt whether this move would stand up in court.

Indeed, one QC told Coates that this move would be struck down by a judge pretty quickly because they would determine there is no “emergency”, just a political controversy.

The anxiety of MPs stems from the fact they don’t know what Boris is going to do next. Anonymous sources have been briefing from Number 10 that they will block Parliament’s efforts to force a Brexit extension. However, no-one is quite sure what mechanism Johnson will try to use.

A government source told The Telegraph: “We intend to sabotage any extension. The ‘Surrender Bill’ only kicks in if an extension is offered. Once people realise our plans, there’s a good chance we won’t be offered a delay. Even if we are, we intend to sabotage that too.”

This suggests the government could make threats to the European Union designed to prevent them from offering a Brexit extension. This idea was given legs over the weekend when the French Foreign Minister said his country could veto a Brexit extension, due a “worrying” lack of progress in recent talks.

Whatever strategy he uses, it’s clear Boris Johnson is preparing to fight MPs all the way to the 31st October deadline.

24 responses to “MPs worried Boris Johnson could declare a national emergency to reverse Brexit extension

  1. love that all the anti-democrats are kept guessing.

    at least you haven’t fallen for the ‘boris is on his knees, premiership in tatters’ meme.

    britain will be an independent country again, despite the best efforts of those who were unfortunate enough to go to school at a time when ‘every one gets a prize’ was the zeitgeist.
    you were conned, the world is competitive, and if you lose you accept it graciously and go back and try harder next time, not moan like a hyena reversing all logic and common sense and most of all, the definition and rules of democracy.

      1. Utterly despicable behaviour by this unelected government without a mandate. If he does this then prepare for civil disobedience we will not stand by and watch the racists take over Britain

        1. I couldn’t agree more the racists like jerrimy corbyn and his ridiculous party, trying to stop us being an independent proud nation again.

          Also the people like no Swindon who has already said if there is another vote to leave she would not accept it, ( clearly that doesn’t suit her business interests ) she obviously thinks we are a a dictatorship and we have to do as she says not what the majority of people say and want.

          I’m sure there will be civil disobedience if what most of us want is blocked by MPs who have decided it isn’t in their interests.

          I’m sure no one wants to be ruled by the unelected idiots in Brussels as we are.

          Carry on Boris you have my 110% support

  2. There are no such things as “Remainers”: there are people who are less gullible, more worldwise and less racist than you.

  3. It seems to me that the majority of the “remain” contingent are not old enough to remember how things were before we joined what is now known as the EU, when it was then just the common market.

    There is no problem with tariff free barriers between us and the an countries, it’s the rest of the rubbish that the unelected power grabbing idiots in Brussels want that I have a problem with, no one voted in 1975 ( yes you have to be old to remember when that happens and to have voted on it, I said no then and no now )

    We were a great nation with good trading partners and that is how it will be again if those who have no faith in the country will allow it to happen. They claimed no one would trade with us and we would go bankrupt when we refused the euro as our currency but we didn’t and are doing nicely thanks.

    This “the people’s vote” is complete rubbish, the people of this country had a vote and just because the minority don’t like the result doesn’t mean we need to vote again, what happens when it’s out again will they want best of 5 or can it say I want another vote because I don’t like the result.

    The politicians ALL need to remember they are there to represent US not what they want or is best for their financial interests.
    Claiming there is no mandate for a no deal is also rubbish, there is no mandate for not having a no deal either!!!

    I proudly say carry on Boris by whatever means necessary to get the job done and if necessary I’ll put into a fund to pay any legal bills he gets for standing up for the majority of the country, we are after all a democracy who unfortuately have rules that the unscrupuless MP’s can use to allow them to try to stop brexit happening.

    That john bercow chap also needs to go as he is clearly NOT the impartial person he is supposed to be

    1. Yes, I remember what things were like before we joined the EEC/EU and how we were regarded as the ‘sick man of Europe’. I guess you’d happily go back to the living standards we had in 1972 in exchange for what imaginary benefit Brexit will bring.

      1. Maybe you live in a bad area or have a bad memory but in 1972 & 1975 where I live ( in the Midlands) there were plenty of jobs and life was good thanks, I think your thinking of some other country as we were definitely NOT considered as the sick anything.
        WHY would anyone want to be governed by in elected burocrats only looking to get more power for themselves. Think for yourself don’t be led by others!!!

  4. “and less racist than you” and there you go again. The usual idiocy that the majority of people despise and has diluted the meaning of actual racism. STFU Manfred

    1. Clearly I must be racist because I don’t agree with you!!
      I’m not racist I just don’t wish to be ruled by Brussels, we are a soverenty and a democracy

      The fact that I don’t wish to be told what we can or can’t do by what is basically another country does not make me racist, I’m happy for anyone to be in this country if there is work for them but not if they are hangers on looking for an easy time on the social no matter if black or white or whatever nation

  5. Boris speaks for me and the majority of this nation, the same people who believe in self governance, free trade, and democracy, which always wins through in the end.

    I find the hypocrisy of Remain MPs staggering. The latest wheeze to bind Boris’ hands and force him to ask for an extension (more delay to prevent Brexit from happening at all) being a prime example.

    All this achieves is ensuring the support for a No Deal increases, and the right minded citizens of this country vote for MPs who are Brexiteers, to ensure Brexit is delivered, and business and the rest of the country can get on with their lives as part of a free nation.

    Ensuring change to our political system will also be high on the agenda to prevent this nonsense from ever happening again. MPs are there to serve the people, not go rogue ignoring the people they represent, for which they shall pay a high price no doubt.

      1. Maybe you should ask if I vote Tory before making a broad comment like that as I don’t normally but what other choice is there, lib dems who have jumped on the bad wagon in an attempt to get votes but they now seem to think we live in a dictatorship where the votes of the majority don’t count as it doesn’t suite them or their business interests and jerrimy Corbin, no more needs to be said about him or his party it was that idiot Blair that gave away most of our subsidies to the eu anyway.
        If the Labour lot get back in it will be chaos all over again like very other time they were in.
        If lib dems get in it’s a dictatorship and they have been out so long they would have no idea anyway how to run a country
        Green party we will all be on pushbikes and vegetarians picking on plants as there will be no meat or cars allowed
        Brexit party is an alternative but they are not really looking to be in charge just get us out of the Brussels mess we are in

  6. Previous post should have said no one voted in 1975 for the rubbish and restrictions that we now have.

    As far as travel restrictions are concirned, you can’t travel anywhere on an aircraft without ID now anyway not even within the uk, anyone who goes on holiday knows you can’t go to France or Spain or any other country without going through passport control so what’s the additioal problem when we have left the EU??

  7. In reply to cez
    Isn’t it incredible how those who can’t get their own way seem to think that saying things like your a racist is a good defence.

    Not sure how you managed in your own delusional mind to jump to a your a racist comment but i can assure you I’m not. Maybe you should have paid attention in school and achieved a reasonable education or maybe you should leave this sort of thing to the grown ups who have been around for longer

    In this country the majority decide what happens, sorry if that doesn’t quite suite you. there are however many other countries you could move to though if you don’t like it here and the way we do things

    1. The reason so many of the leave side are called racist is simply that their attitudes and comments are. As to your majority argument, yes the majority on the the day went the way of leave, in the non binding advisory vote. If the leave side are so sure why are they so against a 2nd vote.

      1. We have already paid as a country and individuals who are tax payers for one vote. That has come in and pointed the country in a specific direction in terms of our future relationship with Europe. The minority are unable to accept this democratic result and are culpable in creating significant additional, unnecessary cost to our country, in terms finances, world standing and the crumbling of a democracy. I say that if those want to remain in Europe wish to have another vote, then it should be facilitated based purely on funding provided by every single person that wishes to have another vote. Then if the result is Brexit still continues, then the cost to the country if this undemocratic delay should be borne by those creating the delay (so called Remainers). Should the result be to remain in Europe, then we all accept it, but again those who vote to stay in have a special Euro tax levied to pay the nett contribution the UK makes to the EU, for the whole of their working lives. Please stop the childish and ‘banker’ insults of racism, small- islanders and other non- fact based insinuations to those that have voted to leave. I think you will find that the real truth for voting leave was economic and to remove an unnecessary tier of government/ legislation. I would be happy to revert to the original Common Market status, fundamentally coined as ‘Brexit’. We are rapidly changing into a nation of losers who place the whims of the minority over that of the majority. Whatever happened to our nations pioneering spirit?

      2. It should be noted there are as many racist comments the from the remain side of the fence as from any other direction and attempting to distract attention from the real subject matter by making rediculous comme ts like yours does not work.
        We need out of the EU so we can the get on with negotiating a property trade deal with them and other counties around the world which we can not do as we are now.

        Borris 110% for me

  8. Dave
    The reason we don’t need another vote us that we have had one, applying your logic when a general election result comes in then anyone not liking that result would be asking for another vote and getting It!!

    The lib dems have jumped on the band wagon as the only way they can get voters hoping to get the remainers votes, they seem now to think we live in a dictatorship telling us were not getting what the majority voted for if it’s up to them, again no doubt it’s does not suite their business interests to leave but that’s tough.

    As for your comments on many are racists, well I have yet to come across any of these people you speak of, maybe it’s how you perceive others that is the real problem.

    The fact that the country is becoming swamped with other nations ( no matter who that is ) means that we need to control numbers allowed in , this isn’t racist it’s realistic no matter if white or black or any particular nationality if you go to live overseas for work you will see just how good this country realy is.

    By the way ‘Cole’ I’m not a Tory so it’s not Tory nonsense it’s common sense and to randomly make that statement without even asking if I vote Tory shows your I’ll informed or easily swayed by others.

    Get on with the job Boris we need to be free of the parasites in Brussels squandering OUR money away and interfering with our laws and controls

  9. This was the reply from Jo Swinson, the leader of what could soon become the shadow party or even the coalition government when asked if another vote was held and the result was again for Brexit, would she accept it. She said ‘no’.

    Can we then gather from this that she leads a democratic party within a democratic country? Clearly not. Of this there can be no debate.

    I’m not a Tory either Pete, nor do I have right wing tendencies. I consider myself to be moderate with a clear purpose. I own a small business and have seen what ‘too many chiefs’ can do to a business, let alone allowing these ‘chiefs’ to squander other peoples money. The world is likely edging towards another recession, being part of the EU will not help us. Being free to arrange our own trade deals is our one of our best hopes for the future, not following on blindly behind a failing banana republic.

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