MPs brandish anti-Boris placards in protest at suspension of Parliament

MPs were involved in a heated protest against Boris Johnson when Parliament was suspended yesterday evening.

During the proroguing ceremony, MPs tried to stop Speaker John Bercow from taking part, and brandished placards with the word “silenced”.

Labour’s Anna McMorrin even left her placard on the Speaker’s chair, as an eery reminder that MPs will now be locked out of the Commons chamber.

For his part, Bercow managed to avoid attempts to prevent him from taking part in the ceremony, though he said that he understood the anger of MPs.

“This isn’t a normal or standard prorogation,” Bercow told MPs.

“This represents an act of executive fiat and I quite understand why very large numbers of members are much more comfortable staying where they are.”

Despite having yesterday announced his resignation, Bercow is still willing to call out the anti-democratic tactics of strongman Brexiteers.

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