The general election is being corrupted by misinformation

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This week, the Liberal Democrats were accused of peddling misinformation after they distributed campaign material in the style of newspapers, with only a small portion of text confirming it was a party publication.


Earlier this month, the Conservative Party changed CCHQ’s Twitter name to FactCheck UK and proceeded to “fact check” claims made by Jeremy Corbyn during a debate.

And the Brexit Party has shown their contempt of the media completely, by bypassing it and putting out their own broadcasts free from scrutiny.

These instances of politicians tricking the public are corrupting the election campaign. Rather than letting the electorate make up their mind based on their respective policy offerings, parties are pretending that they, and they only, can offer the truth.

Political journalism blasts through the veneer of political spin. By attempting to style themselves as the journalists, politicians are degrading democratic trust when real journalists inevitably reveal them to be doing just that.

In an age of fake news and diminishing trust in politicians, we need things to change – and quickly.

Kate Plummer is a Reporter at Scram News.

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One response to “The general election is being corrupted by misinformation

  1. The biggest omission from this election is the fact that May/Johnson/Duncan/Howe have signed UK into EU military unification with Brussels as single point of control
    The impact of having no control over our military is loss of borders which mark where our laws begin and end, loss of independence and decision making for procurement, wars, conscription etc.
    The decision to do this with NO scrutiny, debate or public mandate means that Tories are offering BRINO only.
    Brexit Party are standing down to support Tories, Farage has told voters he will raise this issue when Trump visits and has pledged to withdraw from EU MU. This clearly shows he knows we are IN.
    Labour and ALL other parties are refusing to discuss this issue…it was conceived by Tony Blair/Chirac in 1999 I believe…his influence is to stop this issue from being debated during Brexit.
    IMO ALL of these MPs disgust me, this is a massive issue that should be openly scrutinised, debated and certainly a part of the General Election.

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