Michelle Dewberry, Brexit Party MP candidate, admits she helped Labour in election

A Brexit Party candidate who stood for the party at the recent general election has admitted that she accidentally helped Labour.

Speaking on The Pledge on Sky News yesterday evening, where she is a pundit, Michelle Dewberry admitted that she inadvertently helped the Labour Party to hold her local seat – Hull West and Hessle.


Labour only won because, “I took a lot of the votes and I split the Brexit vote,” Dewberry admitted.

Indeed, Labour won Hull West and Hessle with 42.7% of the vote. The Tories came second – 9.1% behind Labour with a total of 33.6%.

However, Dewberry and the Brexit Party came a strong third with 18% of the overall vote. If they had dropped out of the race, there’s a very strong chance the Tories would have pinched the seat – expanding Boris Johnson’s majority.

Fortunately, Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party colleagues were too stupid to spot this sooner.

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