Michael Gove no-deal Brexit hypocrisy projected onto White Cliffs of Dover

After seeing a giant billboard driven around his constituency, and his words etched onto a beach in Redcar, Michael Gove has now been subject to a third public embarrassment in less than a week.

The campaign group Led By Donkeys projected the senior Brexiteer’s past statements on no-deal Brexit onto the White Cliffs of Dover this morning – displaying to the whole of Europe his blatant hypocrisy.


The 3000 sq/m projection types out Gove’s words: “We didn’t vote to leave without a deal. That wasn’t the message of the campaign I helped to lead.”

Gove is now a senior figure in Boris Johnson’s administration, that seems to be trying every mechanism possible to bundle Britain towards a no-deal Brexit.

This has included suspending Parliament – something that Gove in the past opposed. Indeed, the giant billboard and the beach art highlighted how Gove has dramatically backtracked on the issue of prorogation.

Not a great week for the former Tory leadership contender.

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