Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock claimed UK had developed “world leading” coronavirus test months ago

Health Secretary Matt Hancock claimed back in January that the UK had developed a “world leading” test to detect coronavirus.

Speaking to the House of Commons on 23rd January, in response to the early outbreak of the pandemic, Hancock said:

The chief medical officer has revised the risk to the UK population from “very low” to “low”, and has concluded that while there is an increased likelihood that cases may arise in this country, we are well prepared and well equipped to deal with them.

“The UK is one of the first countries to have developed a world-leading test for the new coronavirus.”


This will come as a surprise to many people, considering the lack of widespread coronavirus testing in the UK.

Currently, we are testing roughly 10,000 people a day for the disease, well behind the number achieved by Germany – 50,000 a day.

Given Hancock’s certainty that we were prepared to cope with the virus, questions will rightly be asked about why we’re now struggling to keep up.


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