Liverpool plans mass protest against far-right Salvini event

Anti-racism groups in Liverpool are planning a mass protest against an event hosted by far-right Italian leader Matteo Salvini.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and Stand Up to Racism are organising protests against the far-right figure, which are also being supported by politicians and trade unions.


A statement signed by organisers of the protest read: “We the undersigned oppose plans by far-right Italian leader Matteo Salvini to speak in Liverpool on 28th March.

“Liverpool has a proud record of opposing fascism and racism. We defeated ‘Tommy Robinson’ in the North West and Salvini is not welcome here either.”

Yesterday, Scram News reported that Salvini, who opposes immigration and has previously called for a “mass cleansing” of Italy, has organised an event in a restaurant in Liverpool scheduled for March.

While the event is unclear on details, it seems that Salvini will be attending, and will certainly be joined by his supporters.

But a day after news of Salvini’s event was revealed, groups have mobilised against the leader of Lega Nord – inspired by the ‘Sardines against Salvini’ movement, a protest group in Italy.

A spokesperson from UAF said: “No venue in Liverpool should host such a person as Salvini.

“Should he enter Liverpool, anti-fascists will seek to emulate the Sardines movement who are mass mobilising against Salvini in Italy.”

Liverpool Riverside MP Kim Johnson, former Labour MEP Theresa Griffin and the northern branch of trade union GMB will also take part in the protest.

Let’s hope they run him out of the city.


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One response to “Liverpool plans mass protest against far-right Salvini event

  1. Official press statement from the Lega nel Mondo UK Eire.
    1) as every year we organize our activities which consist of dinners, conferences, parties, aperitifs, commemorations, institutional meetings and for 2020 we have launched a series of meetings for our sympathizers. The first headquarters of the Lega nel Mondo opened in 1998 in London.
    2) The arrival of Federal Secretary Matteo Salvini is not scheduled, the day we organize this, it will be well publicized in the press.
    3) We use Eventbrite to facilitate reservations for our events exactly AS THE PD MORE EUROPE 5-STAR MOVEMENT FDI FI ETC ETC DOES.
    4) Some sardines acting in a style typical brown shirts from 1930s, have infiltrated our Facebook page and probably saw Salvini’s face and the Lega logo, and they got angry and acting as good brown shirts they wanted to assemble a case in order to frighten the our militants and mount a case in the British press, but the result is to to make fool of themselves.
    5) Dear SARDINES WITH BROWN SHIRTS, it is dinners between Italians with also English and foreign sympathetic friends, however soon we want a formal meeting with the representatives of other Italian movements in the UK, we have a following question for the PD 5S FI FDI ETC, based in UK, do Italians who vote Lega in the UK Eire have the right to organize a dinner and use social media to reach their members to facilitate a booking? We await answers.
    6) Lets now remember some facts: in August 2018 we had to change restaurant in London because 4 people had decided to enter the restaurant to carry on damages, when they showed up, we were not there but elsewhere, in September 2018 on the occasion of a conference organized by us with guest MEP Marco Zanni we had to change rooms with enormous problems at the last moment because the usual suspects wanted to create insecurity and violence during the conference, in May 2019 at a dinner with fish and chips between us and our English friends we had the infiltrator who booked and came with 2 others, where they were out with the flags of the European Union all the time, the saddest thing was the anti-Semitic offences addressed to our English guests, (absurd and shameful)) it was a sad chapter. A conference was organized to present a biography book of Salvini, where Lega nel Mondo was only invited, organized however by the publisher not by the Lega, the conference was cancelled one hour before due to problem created again by the usual suspects.
    7) In light of the fact that we constantly expect attacks, but aware that we also have lawyers in the UK and our representatives in Europe and in Rome are vigilant on this, whenever there will be an attack or disturbance at a dinner or event of our sympathizers we will immediately ask for explanations and compensation for damages in case to the local branch of PD ITALIA VIVA etc and their representatives elected abroad. And we will keep up to date on every incident the consul and the Italian ambassador as well as the British authorities. Thanks Happy Day Shalom

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