Lisa Nandy tells Katie Hopkins to “crawl back under your rock” after receiving praise

Labour leadership contender Lisa Nandy has launched a scathing putdown of Katie Hopkins, after she was praised by the far-right troll.

Posting on Twitter earlier today, Hopkins released her definitive “guide” to the Labour leadership challengers.


In her typically bigoted style, Hopkins made a series of derogatory comments about all of the candidates except Nandy – not least insinuating that Clive Lewis has only been put up by the party to avoid an all-white candidate list.

Turning to Nandy, however, Hopkins called the Wigan MP “brilliant” and said she’s “thoroughly credible”. Hopkins also praised Nandy for her stance on Brexit (she has generally been in favour of passing a soft Brexit deal) – though falsely claimed that Nandy backed Boris Johnson.

Receiving support from a far-right hate merchant hasn’t exactly gone down too well with the Labour candidate, though.

Tweeting a reply to Hopkins’ video, Nandy said:

Indeed, Dipak Nandy, Lisa’s father, is an Indian academic and author. He arrived in Britain at the age of 20 and went to university in this country, before becoming a member of the UK Institute of Race Relations and helping to draft the Race Relations Bill in 1976.

In contrast, Katie Hopkins is a failed media commentator who has lost all credibility thanks to her raging Islamophobia.

Well done to Nandy for putting Hopkins in her place.