Liberal Democrat MP makes powerful case for a Remain Alliance at the election

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran has given a powerful first-hand account of how a Remain Alliance could help to swing the upcoming general election.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight yesterday evening, Moran said that she would not have been elected to her seat in Oxford and West Abingdon without an alliance with the Green Party in 2017.


“I would not be here without that alliance, and it works,” she said.

Moran added that the Green Party agreed not to field a candidate, and actively campaigned to get her elected.

“They are wonderful campaigners,” she said – pointing out that a Remain Alliance will only work if people from different parties get behind the agreed anti-Brexit candidate in their seat.

Indeed, several parties have been in talks about forming a pact ahead of the general election, designed to prevent the anti-Brexit vote from being split.

A formal announcement about the scope of this alliance is expected in the next few days. Watch this space.

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