Group launches billboard blitz against no-deal Brexit

The legendary campaign group Led By Donkeys have today launched a marketing blitz to oppose a no-deal Brexit.

In characteristic style, Led By Donkeys have put up more than a dozen billboards across the country, each highlighting damning statements that current ministers and officials have said about no deal.

Photograph: Luke MacGregor

The group is attempting to raise thousands of pounds to “plaster the whole of the UK with the truth about a Boris Brexit”.

The billboard campaign is designed to counter the £100 million no-deal advertising drive that Boris Johnson has promised to launch in the coming weeks.

Photograph: Luke MacGregor

We revealed last week that Johnson’s advertising campaign is going to be led by US-owned firms – not exactly setting an example for others to “buy British”.

Although, given the weight of evidence to suggest no deal would be an unmitigated disaster, we wouldn’t be surprised if they were the only ones who would agree to the job.

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