Leading EU figure: Boris Johnson wants to be a no-deal Brexit war hero

A member of the European Union’s Brexit Steering Group has said that Boris Johnson is chasing no-deal Brexit so he can be a war hero.

Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Philippe Lamberts MEP suggested that Johnson’s latest Brexit offer is merely designed to pin the blame on the EU for no deal. Lamberts said:

“He [Boris Johnson] wants to have his Battle of Britain moment. And for that you need an aggressor, and that’s the European Union. And, he needs a very difficult moment of national survival, and that would be no-deal Brexit.

“He needs to deliver that but there is one important caveat: he must not be seen as having engineered this.”


This last point is probably why the EU has been treading so carefully since Johnson’s announcement. While multiple EU figures have hinted that his new offer will not be stomached, they have been careful not to use inflammatory language (unlike, of course, the PM himself).

They know that Boris wants the scapegoat the EU, so he can force through no deal. Fortunately, so far, they haven’t given him the ammunition.

One response to “Leading EU figure: Boris Johnson wants to be a no-deal Brexit war hero

  1. The Imperial age is over. The ex colonial powers ( UK, France, Portugal, Spain) must now join together with other European powers to form a bloc to compete with the new powers (US, China, India, Japan, Russia)
    This is the future and we look to the future.
    We have to adapt or disappear.

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