All the latest second referendum polls put Remain comfortably ahead of Leave

All the latest second referendum polls have suggested that Britain wants to remain in the EU, by a comfortable margin.

A collation of the last five EU referendum polls by academic Matthew Goodwin reveals a firm pro-remain voting intention in Britain.


One poll by Survation found that 51% now want to remain in the EU, while 45% would still vote to leave. Meanwhile, YouGov found remainers make up 46% of the population compared to 37% who are leavers, and Panelbase found that 52% wish to remain.

The polls, which all took place in September, come amid a constitutional impasse of three years so far, in which no-one can agree upon the best way to leave the EU. This has fuelled calls for a second referendum, believed by many to be the best way to break the Brexit deadlock.

Responding to the poll, Labour backbencher, David Lammy said:

We’re inclined to agree.

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