All the latest second referendum polls put Remain comfortably ahead of Leave

All the latest second referendum polls have suggested that Britain wants to remain in the EU, by a comfortable margin.

A collation of the last five EU referendum polls by academic Matthew Goodwin reveals a firm pro-remain voting intention in Britain.


One poll by Survation found that 51% now want to remain in the EU, while 45% would still vote to leave. Meanwhile, YouGov found remainers make up 46% of the population compared to 37% who are leavers, and Panelbase found that 52% wish to remain.

The polls, which all took place in September, come amid a constitutional impasse of three years so far, in which no-one can agree upon the best way to leave the EU. This has fuelled calls for a second referendum, believed by many to be the best way to break the Brexit deadlock.

Responding to the poll, Labour backbencher, David Lammy said:

We’re inclined to agree.

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  1. Yes, Lammy is right: all that wasted time and money when Parliament should have been sorting out the disasters foisted upon us by this nasty, toxic, greedy and mean minded tory party. For goodness sake, if all the party of Austerity as well as eton and oxford can offer the Citizens of this country is the likes of bojo, cameron etc., then we’d be much better off sticking with and relying on local colleges of FE and the Unions. What makes assholes like them think that they are born to ‘rule over and have dominion over the rest of us’? It beggars belief and any logical examination.
    With the exception of people like Ken Clarke and the other tory rebels, there is no way I could ever vote conservative, small ‘c’ or not.

    1. Most of the polls at the time of the referendum said we’d comfortably vote remain. They were wrong then so why believe them now?
      The only poll that counts is another referendum or a general election. Any polls by private companies are inherently flawed as they weight the results and the commissioning party always gets the outcome they want.

      1. Actually David the polls a few weeks before suggested that, but there were polls 2 days before the result that suggested a narrow leave victory.

        No one references those because it doesn’t fit the narrative of “fighting back against the establishment” if leave was actually accurately predicted to win.

      1. A second referendum is the only democratic way. Now we have had 3 years to see the actuality of what is on offer with Brexit we can all make a more informed vote rather than one based on the wild conjectures and propaganda given from both sides last time. If the vote is leave, fair enough that’s the will of the people, if it’s remain this time that’s fair too. If we can’t trust parliament to sort it out, it’s the only way. It should not be linked to a general election as there would be major conflicts between people’s political bias and brexit opinions. Boris may be much more popular than Corbyn but that doesn’t seem to reflect the latest brexit polls though. An election at present would likely just give us a hung parliament again.

  2. And, in addition: of course we must remain in the EU, although we should lead the charge to change it and, hopefully, make it better. Europeans are begging for it.
    The best deal, by far, is the one we already enjoy. The UK is a top major player and influence in Europe and it in no way belittles our place in the World to remain.
    We need to be in Europe for several reasons:-
    1. We are no longer a major power so we should stay in the biggest market in the World.
    2. We need a bulwark against, yes, against the United States of Amnesia. Just think, that moron trump may not yet be the worst imbecile that they elect as US president. His only ‘charm’ is that he makes George dubya bush look sensible.
    3. Although the EU and its predecessors have prevented wars in Europe for the last 70 odd years, we need to be part of this bloc to palliate an emerging China and possible war, yes, war, with the idiots in the US/pentagon. trump really is an unstable, narcistic megalomaniac.
    4. The United Kingdom truly is a major force for World integrity but within a changed/tweaked EU.

    1. Thank you for revealing the deranged neoliberal Remainer mindset so efficiently. But you must be called out on point 4. The only ‘change’ or ‘tweak’ that the EU will undergo is deeper integration and a further loss of sovereignty/identity/influence. The more significant that is, the bigger majority for Leave. Let there be no mistake – a vote to Remain is a vote for deeper and deeper integration and ever closer union, and it’s about time Remain admitted that instead of pretending that Remain is some kind of ‘status quo’.

  3. And if that jerk-off bojo, by some major skulduggery, gets away with a cliff edge brexit I expect and predict major, major perturbations. It’ll not affect me majorly but will fall heavily on the heads of so called ‘poor’ people. Should I hear anybody complain about post brexit increase in cost of living/slide of Sterling/50 mile queues at Dover/lack of medicines/the Euro exchange rate and cost of Continental holidays, my first comment to them would be, ‘Did you vote brexit?’ If they answer ‘yes’, I’m afraid I would just laugh in their face.
    Believe me, you’ll get what you deserve if you vote leave, again. Anyway, it was a very close call based on appalling lies by brexiteers. Have they no shame?

  4. no one has said about visa’s people will have to buy if we leave the eurozone how many Brits go on holiday to the med etc without visa’s yes the EEC needs to change but just look at trade deals so far UK 13 “continuity” deals covering 38 countries or territories.
    South Korea (signed 22 August) Central America (18 July) Andean countries (15 May) Norway and Iceland (2 April) Caribbean countries (22 March) Pacific Islands (14 March) Liechtenstein (28 February) Israel (18 February)Eastern and Southern Africa (31 January) Palestinian Authority (18 February) The Faroe Islands (1 February) Chile (30 January)
    the government said on 11 Sept that it had secured “an agreement in principle” with six African nations – South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and Mozambique.
    EUROPE Total deals 128 countries
    leave with no deal –
    No transition period, Trade takes a hit, Britain’s wider economy, Britain’s wider economy, Higher Prices in shops, People living abroad

  5. Absolute bollox . I’ve heard more ppl changing from remain to leave so these polls are nothing to go by. If you think we should now remain in the EU then you have no morals or belief in our country.
    all them soldiers that thought for this country and you want to sign us up to us only living here we would no longer own our own country as it would be given to Belgium with no way of taking it back other than to have world war 3 but oh wait how do we have a war with no army . Enjoy trying to screw our country over

    1. Yes, I’m sure your discussions in the pub are more accurate than real polls.

      Why are you droning on about some war? The real point is that no one who cares about our country would wish for the disaster of Brexit to be imposed on us by some selfish zillionaires and the politicians that front for them

  6. So you remoaners want to keep pumping billions into the BOTTOMLESS EU PIT for the poorer countries to upgrade their infrastructure whilst WE suffer more AUSTERITY to pay for it ? Cameron went to the EU to get us a better deal , what happened ? They laughed at him and sent him back with his tail between his legs, that’s how much influence we have,we are nobody to them only a big fat pay cheque.

    1. Unfortunately your reasoning has no mathematical or financial support. The EU’s budget work the same way as our national budget, meaning always in deficit. All national budgets all over the world are in deficit.
      Austerity is just a tory game, especially since we have a sweet deal with EU on keeping the pound.
      At this point we are only a small island country with only remote historic significance.
      On the other hand, USA is already probing our NHS and God knows what else.
      I prefer my own annoying european cousins to the mindless and bulyish former american vasals.
      We are unable to be self sufficient and self reliant for the next 50 yrs, at least.
      And we are delusional to think that China or USA will choose us over the EU in terms of business and trade.

  7. As an Expat living in The Netherlands all I can say is how embarrassing both sides in the parliamentary Brexit debate are. The UK is the laughing stock of the world and I am very thankful not to be living there anymore.

  8. Yes I do care about MY COUNTRY I don’t care about the EU other countries have taken over most of our large companies and closed them down and moved them abroad,we pay £6.8 million to the EU just for our mep’s,how many nurses, police, dr’s could we employ for that money ? But obviously you would sooner give our money and MY COUNTRY to foreign powers ?

  9. All the polls before the last referendum said the same thing.

    Do you want to believe an opinion poll or an actual referendum result?

    1. So if the EU is bankrupt, why are leavers scaremongering about an EU Army if we remain? Who will fund it? Leavers caught out yet again telling porkies.

      1. It certainly is not a lie, and the debate about the future direction and military capability of the EU under the new Commission is taking place right now. It’s a good thing that some of us actually read the EU news and don’t simply take Remainer propaganda as fact.

  10. I find it very difficult to understand why anybody would want to remain in an organisation that is bankrupt. Its bankrupt because it is incompetent and corrupt.

  11. Of course they want a 2nd referendum so not surprised at all this keeps getting in the media, see Kenith Clarke Leavers aren’t stupid we all know that some not all Remainers would rather damage democracy so they can get what they want it proves the point it’s been 3 years going onto 4 years and we still not left. If you do get 2nd referendum all I will ask is those who believe in democracy would vote leave based on the fact that would be the democratic thing to do and honour the 1st vote. Now you can talk polls all you want as they can be filled in by anyone even people not of age or people who are European that don’t live here so to take this as proof is just a laugh. I could ask 30 people and they could all say leave and they all could be 18 and under it doesn’t speak for the millions yet probably billions of people in the country, 10,000 people surveyed doesn’t speak for everyone does it.

  12. A 2nd referendum choice should be LEAVE NO DEAL , LEAVE WITH DEAL, there should be no REMAIN OPTION,WE ALREADY VOTED TO LEAVE.And we already know Iliberal undemocratic lying party and the greens won’t accept another LEAVE VOTE,so no point having one.

  13. I would highly recommend the book A European tragedy a drama in nine acts written by Ashoka Mody former IMF economist a worth while read, it explores the possibility that the EU project might not being doing as well as we are lead to believe, as in so many things we humans attempt no matter how noble and well intended the concept, the reality is often lead astray.

  14. Whining remorons didn’t get their own way… Boo hoo hoo… There’s plenty of polls been conducted recently which categorically state different results to those mentioned here.
    Anyone who states that we should stay in and reform from within should go away and boil their thick heads in acid. It won’t reform, its doing everything that it set out to… Destroy nation states and bring us under the rule of Europe’s largest economy… Germany. Not one fk has been given about the mess greedy German banks have made in southern European states… Just plough on regardless of the number of lives ruined… Who could ever have been smart enough to realise that imposing a single currency across States of vastly different economic circumstances would lead to such an unholy mess?… Not John “I just pissed £13.1 billion of taxpayers money up the wall in a little over 3 hours” Major that’s for sure…. So why not carry on regardless greater economic integration… We know it makes no sense whatsoever but who cares? Rank and file remorons are so utterly gormless, doing the bidding of a so called elite that would throw them on the scrapheap without a second thought.
    If any of you are actually capable of looking beyond the obvious, ask yourself this…. Why were we told our rebate was coming to an end prior to 2016? Because there’s no need to pay us off anymore as British manufacturing has been moved lock stock and barrel to the European mainland….leaving us in the mess we’re in… We don’t make anything anymore, just assemble products shipped in from abroad… Some people would say that final point is good reason to remain.. Some people are shamelessly gutless cowards.

    1. It is clear that most of us don’t want to leave the EU. That has always been the case. Just over a third of those of us who happen to be from the UK wish to leave. None of us, in any other country, not even those of us who are from Greece, can see any economic benefit from leaving the EU, and we are correct because there are none.

    1. Most of the British people voted to leave so cant people just get on with it its getting boring now all these remainers only want a second referendum so the results go there way and if it did not go there way they would want a 3 4 5 referendum till the results came back in there favour and we leave the eu Briton will be saving 35 billion a week by not paying the eu we survived 2 world wars without the eu we will survive again

      1. About a quarter of the population voted to leave the EU, not “most of the British people”. “35 billion a week” to the EU? I think you are mistaken – even £350 million a week was a lie. Furthermore, the world has moved on since WW2, or hadn’t you noticed? Outside the EU we will be sh*t upon from a great height by all the major economic power blocs, while large tariffs will be imposed on most of our imports. Hadn’t you also noticed that the UK needs to import a hell of a lot of “stuff” these days: we have no heavy industry, we are no longer the “workshop of the world”, nor do we have an empire to exploit, through which we could obtain cheap food and other raw materials. That was the past, our future after Brexit will be one of economic and financial collapse, and a fall in living standards beyond your wildest imaginings. You may rejoice in your blue passport, and the “freedom” that comes with it, but I doubt many people will be able to afford to use said passport, once our currency has collapsed to a level below anything we have known in the last hundred years. You may rejoice in “taking back control”, but of what, precisely? There’ll be nothing worth “controlling”.

  15. Once the Electoral Commission found that the leave campaign cheated there was no longer any moral imperative to respect the result of the referendum.

  16. There should be a second referendum, there are near on globally over 5 million expats and most of us never had a say, even though it dramatically effects our pensions. So don’t talk to me about 17.4 million, if we had of been allowed to vote that would have been a losing number.

  17. I checked my medications, I take 6 altogether 5 from UK ask your local pharmacy if there will be a shortage, the answer is NO many medicines are actually made here in the UK the EU will be needing ours as much as we will need theirs, checked my weekly shopping and was surprised only one fresh item came from EU, the rest came from Africa, denmark.only 1 from Portugal.

  18. Yes like democracy ignore the first referendum well sorry remainers don’t know what they are voting for lol

  19. Steve Sheppard if you decide you no longer want to live in this country then you give up the right to have any say on the direction this country deceides to take

  20. Turboblocke I find it very interesting that you fail to mention that two organisations that campaigned to remain have also been found guilty of cheating

  21. One thing I don’t get is why all the capital letters. You really that passionate about getting out of a trading bloc? What difference is it going to make to you? Why do you care so much? You know that’s all it is don’t you?

    All the EU laws will need to be copied by us if you want the country to be workable, and we will be just as reliant on workers from overseas if the country is going to be workable, I presume you want the country to be workable?

  22. What is the most interesting here are the Kantar & YouGov polls with a significant percentage of “wouldn’t vote/don’t know” responses. I would venture to say that the respondents who said “wouldn’t vote” are primarily those who voted Leave, but believe that their vote isn’t important in the face of those who want to deny the legitimacy of the referendum, ignore it or believe that Leaver voters are all old, thick and racist.

  23. I voted to remain because of the Irish border issue, likely break up of UK and unconvincing arguments about the sunlit uplands of the economy after leaving. Also, it plays into the hands of Putin and we could become a puppet for Donald Trump. Out of an electorate of over 47m people 17m people voted to leave by a small majority. But we have to respect the democratic decision, leave the EU and everyone will have to accept the consequences.

  24. Hellо, I’m thinking аbоut lооsing sоme роunds. I dоn’t knоw whаt рrоgrаm I shоuld use. Whаt dо yоu think аbоut red teа рrоgrаm?

  25. 3 yrs ago UK voted leave, there was no deal or no deal option, it was leave or remain, leave won problem is parliament refuse to accept that result and will use any dirty tricks they can to stop us leaving. St least boris is trying to do what we voted for

  26. There is only one question of importance: the Irish border – leave the EU and watch the Troubles return. Not too much of problem for the Home County ” never trust a foreigner brigade” but not a lot of fun if you live in Ireland.. PS the US Congress has made it very clear a deal which endangers the Good Friday Agreement means they will veto any trade deal. Perhaps the avid Brexiteers can suggest an answer.

  27. All you expats moaning about not voting, that was your fault for Not bothering to. Plus you Don’t contrubute to the UK economy, so why moan about you not voting, what happens in the UK should no longer bother you. You don’t live here any more.

    1. You are right, I moved to Austria in 2015, and I couldn’t give a rats arse what happens to the UK. If I had my way the rest of Europe would stop importing your crap even if it is as cheap as chips since the pound collapsed (thanks for that). It sounds like an effing awful place to live. We have a great health service, no stabbing epidemic, cheap efficient rail travel, high employment, fantastic Mediterranean summers, some of the best Skiing, standard of living is vastly higher that the UK, so you can all just wallow in your own shite looking for someone else to blame. Good luck, you will need it mateys

  28. So, if the EU is incompetent and bankrupt, why are so many big british born companies leave overseas, namely to Europe.
    We have been told lies about our own reseliance, our own economic power.
    Simply put, we manufacture some stuff, but the parts come mainly from Europe, even if they are loaded in China.
    We sell most of that stuff also to Europe.
    We make gazzilions on european tourists.
    European maids clean the toilets used by those tourists, and they prepare their and our food in restaurants.
    And because of the lies told by a handful of billionaires through the mouth of Boris Johnson, about a “fairytale”, we are ready to surrender our way of life.
    We are not poor because of Europe, we are poor because of us.
    We only spend and we are happy doing that.
    But we want our products and produce to be cheap, thats why we call the polish plumber and the bulgarian cleaning lady.
    We are angry, but we forget that no EU official can ever say no to any bulshit and austerity our own corrupt leaders put us through, in the name of the very few genuine british fat cats, who employ MPs nowadays, not clercks.
    This is the truth but we are too proud and frightened to realise it.
    And in the name of good old politics 101, we blame the immigrants and not ourselves.
    Ever wondered why Nigel Farage really quit the party, the next day after the referendum, he actually won?

  29. Are these the same polls that overwhelmingly predicted the Britain would vote Remain back in the 2016 referendum?

    Forget the polls which have proven to be horribly wrong time after time. Let’s have a General Election to let the country decide on the way forward.

  30. “comfortably” I wouldn’t call that comfortably or justification to rerun this referendum.

    I’m also looking at polls just before for the 23rd of June 2016 that are mirror in the ones above. Is John Curtice thinks there’s no change I will go with what he’s saying

  31. It is anti-democratic not to have the right to question, re-consider and campaign for a second vote. No one understood the implications of leaving the EU until we tried to do so. Any civil society would allow debate, reflection and the opportunity to change course. We are supposed to be a democracy, not a dictatorship.

  32. Calling all dense Quitters.

    The reason that Remain has more support than Leave today is simple.

    In the almost 3 and a half years since June 2016 c 1.75 million, yes 1.75 million people have died in the UK.
    And guess what, the majority of these would have been older folks who voted Leave in the 2016 referendum.

    Now these 1.75 million older people have been replaced in the electorate by young people who were aged 15 & 16 in June 2016 and were therefore unable to vote in the original referendum. But as they are now 18+ they can and will vote in either a second referendum or a general election !

    The majority of these younger voters are Leave supporters and also, importantly, idealistic Corbyn supporters.
    That’s why any re-run of the referendum would significantly favour Remain.

    And also very worryingly for Conservative supporters, in a General Election they will vote either Labour or Lib- Dem.

    Get it now !

      1. Thanks Graham, that’s exactly right.

        It should read ‘the new young voters are not Leave supporters’.

        They will vote overwhelmingly for Remain in a second referendum and Labour or Lib-Dem in a General Election.

  33. This pattern of losing ground among both Remainers and Leavers is reflected in the preferences for the Euro-election now being expressed by those who voted Labour in 2017. On the one hand Labour is losing some support to the Brexit Party, albeit on nothing like the scale of the defection being endured by the Conservatives. At present 12% of Labour’s vote at the last election (or around two in five of those who voted Leave) is heading in that direction. On the other hand, the party is also losing support to two of the parties that are in favour of a second EU referendum, that is, the Liberal Democrats (16%) and the Greens (13%). Nearly three in ten of all Labour voters – and thus rather more than one in three of those who voted Remain have moved in that direction. As a result, between them the combined tally of support for the Liberal Democrats and Greens among 2016 Remain voters (36%) is now higher than that enjoyed by Labour (31%). The dominance that Labour has hitherto enjoyed among Remain voters has, it seems, been significantly eroded.

  34. Dear Leave voters.

    I am astonished by the type of responses you make to factual commentary ‘We won get over’ it is not a coherent response…to anything

    So I would like to first suggest that you spend some time reading independent fact checked information (good sources include Full Fact, the Independent fact checking charity ) about the claims upon which you voted leave. I have laid out some examples below

    But firstly let me be clear on a few things:

    A referendum result achieved by industrial scale lying, deception, electoral fraud and data breaches on a national scale is NOT democratic, not by any stretch of the imagination. You therefore have no right whatsoever to claim that it was. Thus Revoking Article 50 is not the denial of democracy, it is the restoration of democracy that was denied to us all by the people you follow and politicians who ignored this proven fact.

    Many millions of men women and children died in horrific circumstances in battles fought for the very fundamental rights freedoms protections and democracy that being citizens of European member states provides us with. We will not allow you to violate those rights into extinction so that you can satisfy your little right wing wet dream and you need to very quickly learn to understand that

    We have all heard many times that you want a UK bill of rights to replace the European Convention on Human Rights? Why should we introduce a UK bill of rights, which will greatly diminish or remove any of our existing rights? ( Something that Priti Patel is hell bent on ) Have you actually read the articles within ECOHR? If not, please do so and feel free to tell us all which of these you disagree with and why ( And please don’t bother quoting the case of Abu Hanza, because there is a lot more to that story which your Express and Sun newspapers didn’t tell you because it didn’t fit in with their agenda ) And here is another fact for you – The Uk was instrumental in the creation of the ECOHR and we were the first country to ratify it way back in 1951

    The UK already CAN control its borders / immigration and not only because we are not in the Shengen area. The claim that we cannot control its borders because of the EU was one of the biggest two or three reasons people voted leave and it is completely false.

    The Tories and people like Farage and co and many others intend to privatise the NHS. That’s the NHS you made such a big issue about that nobody wants to see privatised. Supporting Farage and or Johnson suggests that you really don’t care that much about our NHS.

    We already do make our own laws – because we can. Claims to the contrary are false – The UK parliament IS actually sovereign. If it were true that the EU is full of unelected officials dictating all our laws, we would: A) Have no need for a parliament and B) All laws in all EU member states would be identical – They are not. It is very important that you understand that any laws passed in the European Parliament are voted on by democratically elected MEPs from ALL member states, very much including the UK – Did you know that the UK proposed many of the laws adopted by the other EU member states? They are for the benefit of ALL people and that is the way it should be.

    Membership of the EU has huge advantages that massively outweigh any disadvantages, though, i have yet to see evidence of any disadvantages that are significant enough to warrant our exit.

    Money we send to the EU is recouped many times over AND keeps the UK in the strongest negotiating position it could possibly be in when it comes to international trade deals. In very simplistic terns this is because the UK offers a preferred doorway to the EU markets of 500 million people AND in case you didn’t know, we already trade with other countries outside of the EU. Almost everything you own comes from outside of the UK

    EU money helps UK farms and UK farms export under free trade arrangements to the EU. Brexit, especially a no deal or one which takes us out if the single market and customs union etc, will be catastrophic for uk agriculture and directly or indirectly, most other businesses and not just those in the UK. The weak pound caused by brexit uncertainty has significantly damaged millions of businesses all over the world.

    Turkey is NOT joining the EU. That is another Brexiters blatant lie drawn from the fake version of the Lisbon treaty being shared around social media by you and the people in the leave campaign along with other false claims such as the UK will have to join an EU army and adopt the Euro. The UK has a veto on these and would only join them if it was agreed in the UK parliament and possibly a referendum.

    Some of you have claimed that the EU prevents us from lowering our VAT rates. This is not true. We can lower it to 15 percent if we choose to. However, do you really believe it should be lowered further? VAT is a necessity and to lower it further than that would be extremely damaging to the economy. I have not looked up other VAT rates in the UK but in some countries VAT is much lower on certain products such as school uniforms and some foods etc.

    Brexit itself is bad enough, Brexit that takes us out if the single market and customs union is suicide. The people who who will benefit from that are mainly the tiny minority of extremely wealthy some of whom are involved in massive financial bets against Sterling. In the vast majority of cases, neither you or your families will benefit from a hard Brexit or Boris Johnson’s version of it which is virtually the same scenario.

    You may well wish for that destruction, but in 2016 only 27 % of the population ( 37% of the electorate ) voted for it. And to clarify it is a proven fact that virtually no one voted for no deal. But under the circumstances outlined here in, it would not matter if there had been a 100% turnout and 100% had voted leave. That would not make it any more democratic or morally legitimate and it certainly would not, in any way shape or form, make it better for the country and it’s people. In that context, whilst it is a politicians job is to listen to and act upon the concerns of his or her constituents it is their job primarily to act in the best interests of the population in general, even if that means going against the will of the constituents, especially when the constituents lack the qualifications and knowledge necessary to make decisions on matters as complicated as our membership of the European Union. In this respect it is also the politicians job to ‘educate’ and guide.

    So I can assure you that the reasons you voted leave do not stand up to scrutiny. As I have said the leave campaign has lied and deceived its way to the referendum result – they lied to and deceived YOU and they CONTINUE to do so yet you CONTINUE to accept everything they tell you. They have even admitted they lied to you and that you would never have won if they had not lied. So why, in the name of sanity, that with full knowledge that EVERY principal claim upon which you voted leave was false, do you continue to want to leave the EU ??? Is it because the reasons you gave for voting that way were not your real reasons? Many accuse you of being primarily voted by racist fascist and xenophobic sentiments to the point that no matter what the truth is or what destruction leaving the EU causes to the country and the people, you still want it? If this is true, such motives are clearly unfounded, ie there is no logical reason for you to feel like that given that the claims you believe about immigration etc are not true.

    I know that some of you habitually shoot the messenger and its your right of course to continue with that if you think that is the right thing to do. The extremists amongst you can carry on making threats of death and rape against old ladies that start petitions and the men and women in parliament and their children and calling us all traitors and enemies of the people if you think that will somehow win you support from anyone who is not complete imbecile. But at the end of the day, the current resurgence of the right and its vile stench of racism, fascism, and even simple xenophobia WILL be defeated as it has been throughout history. And remember that the real traitors and enemies of the people are those who act in a manner that brings damage and destruction to their country and its citizens….and that is you and the people you follow.

  35. Why are some leavers so against a second referendum if they still want to leave they can vote to leave but a new referendum would allow both leavers and remainders to change their minds now they are better informed about the realities of leaving

  36. The 2016 referendum resulted in a relatively narrow vote to leave the E U.
    However, there is only a fairly slim chance of that result being repeated, since people are now vastly more enlightened about the likely severe drop in living standards, and they also realise that we are almost certain to be poorer, and less relevant as a nation.
    Despite the fact that we now have a very badly educated population, and an establishment that only wish to protect, and enrichen, themselves to the detriment of the remaining 99 per cent, people, as seen in general elections, tend to vote with their pockets, and so another vote to leave the E U. Is probably highly unlikely.
    Finally, that section of our electorate that is clued up, and intelligent, will no doubt know that 98 per cent of Britain’s problems, and ever decreasing quality of life, has nothing to do with us being E.U. members, but is caused by the complete and utter nincompoops who work in Westminster!

  37. YES for a second Referendum; Lets give ourselves a chance to vote REMAIN now we have been informed of the dangers of BREXIT.

  38. Thanks Graham, that’s exactly right.

    It should read ‘the new young voters are not Leave supporters’.

    They will vote overwhelmingly for Remain in a second referendum and Labour or Lib-Dem in a General Election.

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