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Labour MP shares death threat she received that uses Boris Johnson’s own words

Labour MP Jess Phillips has shared a death threat she received, that uses Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s own words.

Johnson has been condemned for glibly dismissing the concerns of MPs who say he is stoking anger against them. Dewsbury MP Paula Sheriff stood up in the House of Commons yesterday and warned that the PM was behaving irresponsibly, and that MPs were receiving death threats, to which Johnson replied: “humbug”.


Sheriff was referring in particular to the language that Johnson uses to describe the law passed by MPs to stop a no-deal Brexit, which he calls the “surrender bill”.

However, Phillips decided to show that the concerns of MPs are not in fact “humbug”. She shared an anonymous note sent to her office that said: “It was rather prophetic that Boris Johnson should say ‘I would rather be found dead in a ditch’. That is what will happen to those who do not deliver Brexit.”

Dozens of MPs have also openly denounced Johnson’s comments, including MPs who were very recently in the Conservative cabinet. Speaking on ITV’s Peston, Amber Rudd called the PM “dishonest and dangerous” while Dominic Grieve said he is a “pathological liar” with “no moral compass of any kind”.

It is a sad and shocking state of affairs when the Prime Minister is risking the safety of our own MPs. He needs to be held to account.

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