Labour MP skewers myth that no deal would end Brexit chaos

Labour MP and antidote to chaos Hilary Benn has explained why a no-deal Brexit will actually extend Brexit turmoil.

Speaking to BBC News this morning, Benn countered the myth that no-deal Brexit will simply make the issue disappear. He said:

“[No deal] does not bring Brexit to an end. This is one thing the Prime Minister says that is simply not the case. A no-deal Brexit is just the beginning of a prolonged period of uncertainty and damage to the economy.”

He pointed out that if we left with no deal and then wanted to negotiate a trade deal with the European Union, they would insist on discussing the money we owe (i.e. the £39bn divorce bill), the rights of EU citizens in Britain, and how we intend to protect the Irish border.

As we all know, these are all pressure points in our current negotiations with the EU, and they wouldn’t disappear, even if we left without a deal.

No-deal Brexit would throw Britain into a new period of economic and political turmoil. Don’t let Brexiteers get away with peddling this myth – share this article on Twitter and on Facebook.

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