Labour legend Dennis Skinner facing shock general election defeat, says new polling

The Labour Party’s longest-standing MP, Dennis Skinner, could lose his seat at the upcoming general election, according to new polling.

Polling from campaign group Best for Britain predicts that Skinner could be set for a surprise election defeat, potentially losing his seat in Bolsover, Derbyshire, to the Conservatives.

Skinner has held the seat since 1970, and we don’t know whether local affection towards the Labour MP will save him from a Tory challenge, but the signs don’t look good at this stage.

Best for Britain’s polling has the Tories on 34%, with Skinner trailing on 28% – a fall of 23% on the 2017 general election.

Skinner is a staunch socialist and supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, who’s gained a reputation in the House of Commons for his scathing anti-Tory putdowns (his “dodgy Dave” jibe at David Cameron is particularly memorable).

Skinner is set to become Father of the House (i.e. the longest-serving MP), if he retains his seat in December. Many Labour activists will be determined to ensure that he makes it back to Westminster on 13th December.

23 responses to “Labour legend Dennis Skinner facing shock general election defeat, says new polling

  1. The only mp I even have the remotely respect for ….. ie….. dennis skinner I’d trust with my dying breath …….the rest I wound.dt waste my breath on ….. a man of honour and last decent parliamentarian we have …. dodgy dave and thatcher couldnt lace his boots

  2. Lets hope Dennis will get in by his “skin(ner) of his teeth”. Seriously, it would be great to see this honourable man become the “Father of the House”. How can Bolsover people not vote for him? He has served them well.

  3. Pity if he didn’t get in. Like Edward Heath (the only Tory to increase his majority in 1997) a proper constituency MP.
    Worth therefore keeping come what may.

  4. The truth is that the constituents of Bolsover need an MP witj energy …Skinner will be 93 by the end of this parliament…too old.

  5. The beast of Bolsover will have to fight hard to retain his seat
    Labour have not honoured the promise to deliver Brexit

  6. To be fair, bolsover did vote by a very high margin to leave the EU. What matters is what he’s done since the last election for them not the decades he’s been the mp for.

  7. He is way past it and another Labour MP who doesn’t respect the will of the referendum decision. I will never vote Labour ever again!

  8. The Tories are treating this Election as a joke, after all our people the poor, the sick and disabled that have died through their Austerity, the whole lot of them should never be able to stand again…

  9. Please keep this man out, he asks too way many questions. Let the poor suffer and the rich get richer, is what i say!

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