Labour leadership challenger Rebecca Long-Bailey skewers right-wing site for fake news

Labour leadership challenger Rebecca Long-Bailey has skewered the hard-right “news” website Guido Fawkes for publishing an entirely fake story about her husband.

Guido’s crack team of reporters claimed that Long-Bailey, who claims to hail from a modest background, is married to Steve Bailey – a multi-millionaire director at the chemical company Barrettine Holdings and the heir to a £20m+ family fortune.


However, Long-Bailey has politely pointed out to Guido that their story is actually complete bullsh*t, and that she’s married to an entirely different Steve Bailey.

In response, Guido have rapidly deleted the story without an apology or an acknowledgement on their website. “Journalism” at its finest.


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2 responses to “Labour leadership challenger Rebecca Long-Bailey skewers right-wing site for fake news

  1. You don’t quite seem to get that to list all the things you hate, like Brexit and Boris, both of which/whom were democratically voted for, and then to say that you want a more tolerant future, is rather a massive contradiction! But then you would say those that voted for these things were stupid or racist, or too old, or all three, and didn’t know what they were voting for!

    1. Yeah, because Boris is the epitome of tolerance right? And people voting against their interests because of manipulation, nothing sounds more wrong to me.

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