Labour expels 25 members over anti-Semitism in just one day

The Labour Party recently expelled 25 members over anti-Semitism in a single day, according to party sources.

Party officials claim this is the result of “significant reforms” implemented by Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby (pictured above), who is a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn.


Among those who have been recently expelled include Labour member Maureen Fitzsimmons, who claimed on social media that “Jews control everything”.

Wirral councillor Jo Bird has also been kicked out of the party, for remarks about “Jew process”. Bird had been mounting a campaign to be elected onto Labour’s National Executive Committee.

Party sources told the Jewish Chronicle that the NEC kicked out a number of the 25 members using new powers approved at Labour’s conference last year.

It’s believed that Labour is taking forceful action against anti-Semitism, ahead of a report from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission into institutional anti-Semitism within the party. The report is expected to be published in May.

This news also comes after former Labour MP Ruth Smeeth last night berated the party’s deputy leadership candidates for their silence on the issue of anti-Semitism.

Let’s see whether the party can finally getting its act together.


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