KFC roasts the Tories over Corbyn chicken jibe

KFC have roasted the Tories today after they failed to rope the fast food outlet into online banter about Jeremy Corbyn

Taking to Twitter, KFC replied to a post the Conservative Party had tagged them in, and requested that the political party do not “@” the chicken proprietor.


The Conservative Party had tagged KFC in a post showing a photoshopped Jeremy Corbyn in a chicken costume. The photo included a spoof KFC logo, “JFC, Totally Spineless Chicken”. This is despite the fact that “Totally Spineless Chicken” would create the acronym, ‘TFC’.

It comes after Jeremy Corbyn said that the Labour Party did not wish to call a general election, prompting Boris Johnson (who is supposedly an adult) to claim he is “chicken”.

KFC were quick to distance themselves from the political meme, asking that the party does not involve them in this bizarre communication strategy.

But this hasn’t quelled the Tories’ chicken fervour. According to Jack Maidment at the Daily Mail, the Tories have been sending bits of chicken to journalists in the press gallery to hammer home their point.

As for the image of Corbyn, it seems the government spent at least £375 for the pleasure of creating the misguided meme.

Money worth spent to watch the KFC tell the Tories to cluck off.

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