Ken Clarke says unelected adviser Dominic Cummings is running the country

It is widely believed that Boris Johnson’s unelected adviser Dominic Cummings is running the country, according to House of Commons veteran Ken Clarke.

Speaking to Channel 4 News, he said there is a consensus that Cummings has a “belligerent” attitude and is pulling the strings of government behind the scenes.


He said: “The very wide and almost universally held theory in the Palace of Westminster by ministers and backbenchers [is] this chap Cummings is really running the government.”

This comes after Clarke, a Conservative MP of nearly 50 years, had the whip removed on Tuesday after he voted against the government to block a no-deal Brexit.

It’s believed that the strategy to purge Clarke and 20 other Tory MPs was cooked up by Cummings, who is rumoured to have said: “When are you f*cking MPs going to realise we are leaving on October 31st? We are going to purge you.”

But his aggressive tactics have not gone unnoticed among those in Westminster.

Clarke added: “Everybody seems to think that he’s firstly never belonged to the Conservative Party and secondly he has this amazingly belligerent approach and doesn’t quite understand Parliament and the rule of law.”

And Clarke is not the only (former) member of the Conservative Party to take issue with Cummings. Earlier this week, we reported that Conservative MP Sir Roger Gale had called Cummings an “unelected, foul-mouthed oaf” and accused him of “throwing his weight around”, while rebel Tory MPs have called for him to be sacked due to his behaviour.

Meanwhile, it is known that Cummings has been found in contempt of Parliament by refusing to attend a Select Committee inquiry, spread misinformation as director of the Vote Leave campaign, and frogmarched a sacked adviser out of Parliament. He also thinks that people in poverty have bad genes.

Clarke added that he has never met Cummings and does not wish to, meaning that he joins the ranks of people who seem to think Dominic Cummings would be better of Dominic Going.

If you agree that Cummings should be sacked, add your name to our petition here.

9 responses to “Ken Clarke says unelected adviser Dominic Cummings is running the country

  1. If Boris hasn’t the wit to sack him himself, that’s his funeral following his death in the ditch. I hope th e n his plot are starting to unravel…

  2. 500 years ago Dominic Cummings would be arrested and in no time, he would be one head shorter! He is an Egoistic Paranoid Psychopath. I am sure that even he is surprised of what he has created!! OK, he is probably write in thinking that in 2015 it is time to change the old Traditional Political system in the UK but not this way! in the past 10 years the British Government, being Tories or Labor have failed miserably! But when will he and us realize that we are living in a global world and we have not got a time machine to return to the Imperial times when we did or we thought we ruled the world!!! We are a small Island on this planet, and within short time we will become an American Trump Colony! Thank god that I am living in Nederland !!!!!

  3. Ken Clark should die in a corner some where he doesn’t accept the result of the referendum. He was sacked for a reason and about time too. To many politicians out of touch with the British public they are employed to serve , not dictate to .

    1. What a ludicrous comment. The fraudulent 2016 vote has been shown to have offered a series of false prospectus. On this issue, Clarke is right. You seem to forget that democracy is about people having their right to change their minds. Elections would be meaningless. Now people have now seen what it actually means- not in idle speculations but in actual jobs, industry, commerce etc. Of course, the reality immature will never admit that their choice was wrong and, having no factual basis for their vote, they resort to ad-hominem attacks.

      1. You say people have seen what it means in actusl jobs, commerce & industry. I’ve heard it all but seen nothing because words is all that Remainers speak but give no solid supporting facts to their claims.
        I voted Leave not because I’m immature I balanced up the facts that paying more to be in the EU than we get out in bad economics. More than 75% of the member states get more back than they pay in. Maturity tells me that only foolish people give their money away and Remainers are dragging us into the asylum of fools. Give me the evidence where giving away our money to Europe is good for the working class in the UK

  4. I like the comment on ‘being out of touch with the British public’, and indeed, far too much assumption going on in govt.about what people now think, to suit their agenda; sinply proves why a second referendum is so necessary.

  5. One ‘supporting fact’ is that every time a no deal brexit seems more likely the pound goes down.

    (And btw every time the pound goes down Rees Mogg and his like make oodles of money with their overseas investments – he’s already made at least £7m out of it according to a TV journalist which, when it was put to him, he didn’t deny. No wonder he’s lounging across the benches with a great smirk over his face).

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