Keir Starmer used to edit a radical socialist newspaper

Keir Starmer is often portrayed as a “moderate” candidate in the race to become Labour Party leader, but it seems that these suspicions are slightly misplaced.

Writing in the New Statesman today, left-wing journalist Paul Mason pointed out that Comrade Keir was in fact the co-editor of a radical left-wing publication, in his early 20s.


Indeed, it appears as though Starmer was the co-editor of “Socialist Alternatives” magazine – a publication so left-wing that Mason describes it as a “Trotskyist front”.

Copies of the publication are still available online, and show that Starmer interviewed left-wing icon Tony Benn for the the May 1987 edition. Starmer also used a column in the same magazine to call for a “nationwide campaign of struggles” to reduce the European working week to 35 hours.

Mason uses his article in the New Statesman to defend Starmer’s socialist credentials – asserting that many people have misrepresented the Labour leadership frontrunner.

With avid socialists claiming that only Rebecca Long-Bailey can preserve the left-wing ethos of the post-Corbyn Labour Party, it seems likely that Starmer will try to correct this record, as the debate develops.

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