Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer wins endorsement of influential Labour veteran

Labour peer and Holocaust survivor Alf Dubs has officially backed Keir Starmer to be the next leader of the Labour Party.

In a video posted on Starmer’s social media accounts, Dubs outlines the reasons why he supports the Labour frontrunner. He says:


“I’ve been very impressed by Keir since I got to know him quite a few years ago.

“We’re in a desperately difficult situation since the last election, the whole future of the party is at stake and if anybody’s going to lead us to victory over this dreadful government then I think it’s Keir.”

Labour Party members will be able to vote for their choice of leader later this month. Polling has shown that Starmer is storming ahead, having comfortably won the most local Labour party nominations so far.

Now, Starmer has endeared the influential Lord Dubs, who recently tabled an amendment in the House of Lords attempting to help child refugees to reunite with their families in the UK after Brexit. Dubs added:

“In the more recent past he’s been very supportive of my campaign on child refugees he always raises his voice to speak up on behalf of child refugees and I think that’s very gratifying to have a strong voice like that in the House of Commons”.

At this rate it looks like his opponents will need a miracle to stop Starmer from succeeding Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader.


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