Just 40,000 voters could swing the general election

Just 40,000 voters could swing the general election, polling data has revealed.

According to data compiled by campaign group Best for Britain, 40,704 voters in 36 seats would lead to Labour winning the election over the Conservative Party.


It comes amid news that Labour’s popularity is growing, with expectations that they will receive 33% of the vote compared to a month ago when they were predicted to gain 26%.

During the election campaign, Best for Britain has suggested that voters vote tactically, putting aside partisan tribalism to oust the Conservative Party and stop their Brexit plan, while Remain parties themselves have formed pacts in 60 seats to avoid splitting the vote.

And over the weekend, Scram revealed that Putney and Guildford are two seats in which tactical voting matters profoundly, with the Remain vote currently split in these constituencies.

Now, the group said that Labour are gaining at the expense of the Conservative Party and that they could take 36 seats if people switch their allegiance to the party.

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