“Journalist” behind Darroch story deletes evidence linking him to the Brexit Party

Yesterday evening, Steven Edginton outed himself as the person behind the Kim Darroch leaks. The cables, provided to the Mail on Sunday, revealed withering comments from the now-former UK-US Ambassador about President Donald Trump.

Confessing his role in the story, provided to him by a “trusted source”, Edginton describes himself as “a 19-year-old freelance journalist with a passion for politics” who “was looking for a big project through which to develop my career.”


However, Edginton is not simply a young hack who stumbled across the story of a lifetime. As we reported last month, Edginton is the head of digital at the Brexit Party – a senior figure in the party, in charge of Nigel Farage’s six-figure social media war chest.

It has been speculated by legal experts that Edginton is self-identifying as a journalist to give himself and his sources greater legal protection, given this whole affair might have breached the official secrets act.

These claims may be bolstered by the fact that that Edginton has tried to distance himself from his employers. This has included deleting a number of tweets that closely link him to the Brexit Party. We have uncovered one deleted tweet, posted before the party’s “Big Vision” rally in late June, that shows him manning the Brexit Party’s social media accounts.

He has also rapidly changed his Twitter bio from “Chief Digital Strategist @brexitparty_uk” to “Freelance journalist and digital guru”.

What’s more, there’s still plenty of non-deleted evidence that Edginton is a key player in the party.

Brexit Party Facebook adverts published just last week carry Edginton’s name, while his Brexit Party email address is listed among the contact information (we have removed it for privacy purposes).

Also, in April this year, Edginton was pictured at a right-wing fundraising dinner featuring Nigel Farage and a number of fringe right-wing figures. BuzzFeed reported the story in May, after they uncovered that Farage had asked the guests, including a millionaire Putin cheerleader, for money to help the Brexit Party.

If Edginton is a journalist, as he claims, why did he accompany the leader of the Brexit Party to a right-wing dinner involving some shady potential donors? And, if Edginton just managed to slip in unnoticed, why didn’t he report the story?

Scram News also understands that Edginton is an “influencer” at the right-wing student group Turning Point UK – featuring in a number of videos on their website. He also made a strongly-worded speech in favour of the Brexit Party at Turning Point UK’s launch dinner, watched by Nigel Farage.

All of this evidence suggests that Edginton has engaged in a lot of party political activism, that he’s not so keen to shout about anymore.

Additional reporting by Joe Evans.

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