Jess Phillips says she was “very tempted” to leave Labour over anti-Semitism

Jess Phillips has said that she almost left the Labour Party over anti-Semitism.

Speaking to James O’Brien on his LBC show this morning, Phillips said “on many occasions” she was “very tempted” to leave the party due to accusations of systemic racism in the party.


Phillips said that she was particularly close to leaving the party after BBC Panorama produced a programme on anti-Semitism in Labour – exposing the views of former staff members.

Watching the documentary, Phillips said she didn’t recognise the party, and particularly what she called the “bullying and harassment” of Jewish members of staff.

However, Phillips decided to stay and fight, which is why she is now standing to be leader of the party.

“I could change nothing from the outside,” she told O’Brien.

Continuing, she said that her philosophy is to increase the number of people within the Labour Party who want to fight the scourge of anti-Semitism.

“I’ve got to try and improve this,” Phillips said.

Many people who left the Labour Party because of anti-Semitism will understand where Phillips is coming from. She’s now appealing for them to return, to change the party for good.

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