Jeremy Corbyn hints Labour MPs will be sacked from the party if they support Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

Jeremy Corbyn has given the clearest indication yet that he will remove the whip from Labour MPs, if they vote in favour of Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal.

Speaking in the House of Commons not long ago, the leader of the Labour Party said:

“Deal or no deal they want a Trump Brexit that will crash our economy. No Labour MP could support such a reckless deal.”


According to Steven Swinford of The Telegraph, around 20 Labour MPs are currently willing to back Johnson’s revised Brexit offer, including Ruth Smeeth, Gareth Snell and Stephen Kinnock, who all voted against Theresa May’s deal.

However, Corbyn has indicated this would be a major breach of party discipline, potentially resulting in the loss of the Labour whip.

This would follow Boris Johnson’s lead of sacking MPs from his own party over Brexit. Although, given the sheer idiocy of Johnson’s proposal, it seems likely that the EU will pulverise the PM’s offer, well before it reaches the House of Commons.

8 responses to “Jeremy Corbyn hints Labour MPs will be sacked from the party if they support Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

  1. MPs speak for their constituents and should never be gaged if their leaders can’t grasp that then they should not be leader. Move over Corbin and take your reds with you.

  2. Tragically, Corbyn just couldn’t abide it if Johnson did in fact prevail in obtaining a deal that was acceptable to the E.U..
    Corbyn’s only goal is to block and prevent any potential solution whatsoever: Factually, to misuse The Labour Party to destroy our country.

  3. Corbyn I used to support you. But your behaviour over brexit is appalling. Democracy is the name of the game. MPs need a FREE VOTE LOO

    1. Democracy is defined as a system enabling the wishes of the people to be expressed through a representative (usually Parliamentary) system.
      It enables the wishes of minorities to be heard.
      In the case of Brexit, 37% of registered electors voted Leave.
      63% did not. That is why Parliament needs to control the outcome.
      And why Referendums are unsatisfactory systems, used with safeguards to negate tiny minorities, and protect regions that vote heavily against the national average.
      Only 2 countries regard referendums as binding without those safeguards.
      North Korea (where majorities are invariably in the 95% range).
      And the UK.

  4. It would be unusual for MPs to follow the will of the people. But now as most Labour MPs realise that they will loose their seat for not supporting democracy and the wish of their party voters a change of heart due to the fact they now have a choice democracy pays a wage. Vote as your constituents tell you. Not as you are told. The hypocrisy of Corbynchev is amazing. He has spent weeks spouting off about the 21. Now he will do the same. I ask everyone this one simple question? Would you put Diane Abbott in charge of immigration. She will cost the party as all will play on her inability.

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