Jacob Rees-Mogg Pringles “banter” backfires

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been roasted for a bizarre “joke” about a bag of crisps.

Writing on Twitter, people have shared their reactions to the Leader of the House of Commons, who posted a picture of himself brandishing a Walker’s crisp in response to an article about politicians like Rishi Sunak ruining food brands.


Left-wing communications professional Abby Tomlinson said:

Whereas comedy writer James Felton pointed out that Rees-Mogg seems to share office space with the Grim Reaper, given the coat on the back of his door.

He also added that the uber-conservative MP probably finds ready salted crisps “spicy”.


There are other important things to point out about this image. Firstly, as Felton noted, both of Rees-Mogg’s crisps of choice are “ready salted”.

Devoid of any real flavour, this is clearly the most conservative crisp in production and is in keeping with Rees-Mogg’s similarly conservative views on gay marriage and abortion. With our politicians failing to embrace less traditional and more progressive crisp flavours, this provides clear signs of the direction our country is going in.

And, ironically, the Brexiteer’s “extravagant” (?) choice of crisp, Pringles, are manufactured in an EU country called Belgium and four other international locations that aren’t Britain, which may serve to perturb the politician.

Crisps aside, we need answers urgently – and will soon submit a freedom of information request to find out – on why is there a single mini-egg placed on top of Rees-Mogg’s Pringles.

It is not yet Easter, and so these chocolates are seasonally inappropriate – perhaps betraying Rees-Mogg’s “fun” side.

However, only having one chocolate makes him guilty of having extremely bad vibes.

Curiously, and in keeping with his reputation as being a politician from another century, Rees-Mogg also has an Mont Blanc ink well rather than a normal pen, and a copy of the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations which sounds… riveting.

His sister, a former Brexit Party MEP, also added the extremely incorrect take about his crisps of choice:

Tories, you’ve had Brexit, you’ve got a massive majority – please don’t ruin crisps for us.



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