Jacob Rees-Mogg’s niece selected as Conservative MP candidate in safe seat

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s niece is to run for Parliament, it has emerged.

Theodora Clarke, whose aunt is married to Rees-Mogg, will stand in Stafford, replacing Jeremy Lefroy MP, who announced in July he would be standing down at the next election.


It is not the first time Clarke has attempted to break into the Westminster bubble. In 2015 and 2017, she stood for the Conservatives in Bristol East. At the time, she told the Bristol Post that she lived in Stockwood, which is near the constituency. However, the paper found that she actually splits her time between Somerset, in a cottage owned by her uncle, and London.

Despite being related to Rees-Mogg, her political views are not entirely congruent with those of her uncle’s. The CEO of international development charity, the Coalition for Global Prosperity, she disagrees with his views on foreign aid.

Nevertheless, she has written blog posts supporting Brexit and argues that Britain needs a more global approach to international relations.

And Rees-Mogg is not Clarke’s only notable relative. She is the daughter of businessman Sir Toby Clarke and her family also has links to Theodore Roosevelt.

If she wins, Clarke would be the second member of Rees-Mogg’s extended family to have entered political office, after his sister, Annunziata, recently won a European Parliament seat in the an East Midlands MEP for the Brexit Party.

It seems Clarke’s chances are pretty high. Stafford has been a Tory seat since 2005, and Lefroy had an 8,000-vote majority in 2017.

When she ran in Bristol in 2017, Clarke told the Bristol Post that she was “not a career politician”. Running for Parliament in two different seats three times suggests otherwise.

6 responses to “Jacob Rees-Mogg’s niece selected as Conservative MP candidate in safe seat

  1. She is so removed from the needs of our community My vote will go to front line NHS nurse midwife and health visitor Joyce Still who has a full grasp on the reality of our community

  2. I am sure that Theodora, now elected, knows Stafford inside out – living as she does between Somerset and London. She tells us that she joined the Conservatives to support people who want to work hard and get on in life – as she no doubt has done in order to be given the now fairly safe seat of Stafford without any family connections to assist her. She probably just forgot to mention that she also wants to help those who aren’t able to work hard and get on because they’re too sick or old or vulnerable. I’m sure she plans to champion worker’s rights and oppose tax avoidance and will be much more socially just that her predecessor Mr. Lefroy. I’m absolutely sure.

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