“Man of the people” Jacob Rees-Mogg slammed for joking about his £700k Bentley

Another day, another Jacob Rees-Mogg blunder.

Yesterday he was roasted about crisps, and today the Leader of the House of Commons has been slammed for joking about his Bentley, in an attempt to persuade Parliament that the Tories are governing at a fast pace.


“We are the Lamborghini of governments,” he said in the House of Commons earlier today.

“I’m quite tempted to say the Bentley of governments, but my 1936 Bentley takes so long to get to 60mph that it wouldn’t necessarily be the right comparison”

But his niche attempt at banter did not go down well.

Writing on Twitter, comedy writer James Felton pointed out that Rees-Mogg always bangs on about Brexit allowing the working class to “take back control.”

According to a classic car sales site, a very similar car to the one reportedly owned by Rees-Mogg can be bought for a mere £700,000.

A man of the people indeed.



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