Hysterical right-wingers call on police to ‘fire at will’ at peaceful Extinction Rebellion protestors

Right-wing commentators have called on the police to “fire at will” at peaceful Extinction Rebellion protestors, and “bring back the water cannon” to be used against them, it has emerged.

Responding to the beginning of two-weeks of peaceful climate change protests, journalist Tom Harwood, tweeted that the protestors should be tasered and called on Priti Patel to let the police “fire at will” at them.


Meanwhile, Brexiteer Darren Grimes said that water cannons, which were banned by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary due to the injury they can cause, should be used against them.

For the next two weeks, Extinction Rebellion activists will take part in demonstrations in London to raise awareness about climate change. They plan to target Westminster, to pressure the government, and hold a sit-in at London City Airport. Their plans, which include blocking roads to stop traffic come as part of an international movement.

But some of the right have been frothing at the mouth at his blatant attempt to stop the decline of the entire planet.

And it is not the first time the right have been whipped into a frenzy by climate change protesters, judging by their reactions to the climate strike last month.

However, his anger at the protests is likely a minority view. As one Twitter user said:

“Tom Harwood. Casually waltzing into the land of authoritarian extremism because he doesn’t like the message of the people blocking the road.”


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