Hugh Grant to join Labour on general election campaign, after door knocking for Lib Dems

Britain’s official representative for rom coms, Hugh Grant, is getting active on the general election campaign trail.

It has been announced that the star of 75% of Britain’s cheesiest films will be joining the Labour Party campaign in Chingford and Woodford Green (London), this Wednesday.


The party says that Grant will be appearing at two rallies in the early evening, alongside local candidate, Faiza Shaheen.

Labour clearly aren’t concerned about Grant’s ambiguous political allegiance. The actor has made the headlines for joining Liberal Democrat candidate Luciana Berger on the doorstep this weekend.

Berger left the Labour Party in February this year, in protest against Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of anti-Semitism in the party.

Speaking to Berger’s supporters, Grant admitted that he was not “a life-long Lib Dem supporter”.

“The real reason I’m here is, like so many of the population now, poll after poll has shown Britain has changed its mind [on Brexit],” he said.

Grant plans to campaign for multiple parties in several seats – encouraging people to vote tactically to stop Brexit.

He is expected to campaign for Lib Dem candidate Chuka Umunna and Independent candidate Dominic Grieve in the coming days.

We reckon Grant is pretty good on the doorstep. After all, he does have experience…


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