Pollster explains how Labour can swing the general election

YouGov expert Chris Curtis has explained how the Labour Party needs to shift the polls, in order to stop a Boris Johnson majority.

Speaking on BBC Politics Live this afternoon, Curtis implied that the Tories had reached the upper limit of its polling.


“When you look at the numbers, it sort of feels like the Tories have run out of voters to squeeze,” he said.

Curtis said that Boris Johnson’s party had successfully unified the pro-Brexit vote, with the Brexit Party now polling at just 4%.

In contrast, the polling of the Liberal Democrats still looks relatively healthy. Therefore, Curtis says, Labour’s challenge lies in attracting as many Lib Dems voters as possible.

“There are a lot more voters for Labour to potentially squeeze,” he said.

This stands in contrast to Labour’s new strategy, which involves holding former Leave seats in the North and Midlands.

Indeed, after a recent YouGov mega poll revealed that the Tories are on course for a 68-seat majority – gaining many seats in traditional Labour heartlands – Jeremy Corbyn has shifted to a more defensive approach.

However, this process is also in the hands of voters.

While Labour gains from the Lib Dems will broadly help to thwart a Boris majority, there are certain seats where Jo Swinson’s party is much better placed to stop the Tories.

We’ve produced a rundown of the key constituencies where tactical voting could make all the difference, to help your decision.


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