Scientist reveals key to ending coronavirus lockdown

A leading coronavirus expert has revealed what needs to happen to end the coronavirus lockdown.

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College spoke to MPs this morning, and said that, “large scale testing and contact tracing” is vital to ensure we can relax social distancing and go back to work.


Being able to see how the virus is spreading will allow the government to better focus its response and target help at the right people and areas – controlling the spread of the virus.

The government plans to test 25,000 people a day within the next four weeks, though people have suggested our efforts have been slow, compared to other countries.

Meanwhile, Ferguson also said that while the strain on the NHS is likely to peak in three weeks, current projections show that intensive care capacity will not be breached.

This will help us to avoid the situation seen in Italy, where medics have been forced to make decisions about which patients receive life-saving care.

However, this still relies on the government’s lockdown being successful. And it will only be successful if we all adhere to the rules.

Stay home, folks.


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