How these charities can help to stop Tommy Robinson from fundraising

We all know Tommy Robinson, right?

He’s the far-right gremlin who’s an expert in racism and Islamophobia.


His real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, but he’d rather you didn’t know that.

Well, it’s said that Yaxley-Lennon is one of the best funded far-right figures since the Second World War. The former English Defence League leader recently put his house on the market for £900,000, with estate agent photos showing a Range Rover parked outside.

And one of the platforms he uses to raise his hate cash is called Donorbox. The crowdfunding site has faced pressure (including from us) to ban Yaxley-Lennon from its service, but has stubbornly refused.

Therefore, we’re now calling on other organisations who use Donorbox to give up the platform – forcing them to dump the far-right hate merchant.

Below is a list of nonprofit organisations that have used Donorbox recently. Click here to rapidly call on one of them, Habitat for Humanity, to ditch Donorbox.

This could have a big impact. The campaign group Stop Funding Fake News said: “Thanks to action by responsible advertisers and donation platforms, Yaxley-Lennon has found it harder and harder to raise money in recent years. He now relies on the services of the Donorbox platform. Donorbox has made it clear they will not drop hateful sites like TR News, and has at times even defended them.

“So we’re asking for help from charities like Habitat for Humanity. If they refuse to do business with platforms who enable the far-right, we can hit the bottom line of the hate industry, reducing their capacity to do harm and forcing enablers to behave responsibly.”


Countess Mountbatten Hospice Charity

Stop Alabama Rot UK

Operation Smile UK

Green Acres Rescue

Kids Inspire

Antic Disposition Theatre Company

Radio Lollipop

Harper Performance

Greater Change

Dogs of Gaya

Mission Africa

Yorkshire Children’s Trust

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  1. This is completely one sided. You dont even allow freedom of speech. This is why the Right is growing across the world because of people like you. I can’t wait for Trump to win in 2020. Your liberal hearts will give out.

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