Priti Patel

Priti Patel admits foreign NHS workers are important

In a U-turn of government policy, the Home Office has admitted that foreign workers are in fact crucial to the functioning of the NHS.

Today, the Home Office announced that NHS doctors, nurses and paramedics with work visas expiring before October will have them automatically extended for a year to “focus on fighting coronavirus”.


Many people are consequently questioning why these workers are essential in the fight against coronavirus, yet seemingly aren’t in tackling the other fatal conditions that the NHS tackles on a daily basis.

Before the coronavirus crisis, Home Secretary Priti Patel announced the new immigration policy of the UK government.

For the foreseeable future, we will be severely restricting the numbers of people coming into the UK. In fact, “unskilled” workers won’t be allowed to settle in the UK at all, even if they work in medicine.

Patel’s policy was stupid then, and it’s borderline dangerous now.


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