Guy Verhofstadt savages plans to end EU citizens’ freedom of movement in “catastrophic” no-deal Brexit

Senior EU politician Guy Verhofstadt has attacked leaked plans to end freedom of movement for EU citizens on day one of a no-deal Brexit.

Verhofstadt, who leads to EU’s influential Brexit steering committee, took to Twitter to describe a no-deal Brexit as “catastrophic”, adding that EU citizens in the UK “deserve more certainty [and] advance information”.


He added that the leaked Home Office plans were “another reason why a disorderly Brexit would be reckless & shouldn’t be normalised”.

Verhofstadt was responding to news that new Home Secretary Priti Patel is pressing for border restrictions to be imposed immediately on 31st October, in the event of a no-deal Brexit. This is despite a new replacement border system not yet being ready.

Ministers had previously intended to delay scrapping free movement until a new set of rules are in place, with a bill on the issue currently stuck in the Commons. The government has so far declined to bring forward the stalled bill which would end free movement under a more drawn out timetable.

Campaign group the3million described Patel’s plans as “switching on the hostile environment for anyone who cannot prove the right to stay in the UK”, adding:

“This is reckless [and] opens the door to widespread discrimination.” 

Former Labour MP and New Europeans CEO Roger Casale described the move as “aggressive and abrupt”, adding: “Without a physical proof of their status EU citizens in the UK and Britons abroad may face discrimination due to a misperception about their residency rights.”

Liberal Democrat spokesperson for home affairs Ed Davey said: ““Are the government seriously suggesting an NHS nurse who is an EU national may not be allowed to return to the country if they happen to have been on holiday? It is absurd.”

20 responses to “Guy Verhofstadt savages plans to end EU citizens’ freedom of movement in “catastrophic” no-deal Brexit

  1. Do to others, what others do to you.

    End British movement to Europe, End EU movement to Britain.

    According to Pretty Patel’s wish.

  2. Guy Verhofstadt is well known for his standard responses to anything the UK does since the Referendum, so I will ignore him but I must comment on what Ed Davey has said.

    Does he not understand what Priti Patel wants to introduce?
    He says ”Are (is) the government seriously suggesting an NHS nurse who is an EU national may not be allowed to return to the country if they (she) happen(s) to have been on holiday? It is absurd.”
    You are absolutely correct Ed Davey! Your comment is indeed absurd!
    If that nurse is a resident and is an UK national then she will have documents to prove this such as a UK passport, an utility bill, a driving licence etc and therefore she will be permitted to re-enter the UK unhindered. Otherwise anyone who cannot provide such documents are not UK nationals and therefore will NOT be permitted to enter the UK! – Exactly what the ruling is intended to do!
    It seems politicians love to place their own interpretations upon all matters and then make ridiculous statements to justify their arguments!
    Just like the one from yesterday where 80% of politicians questioned believe they should vote with their consciences and not to the wishes of their constituents!

    1. Re: “Just like the one from yesterday where 80% of politicians questioned believe they should vote with their consciences and not to the wishes of their constituents!” Of course they should vote with their consciences. That comes with the job in a representative democracy and there would be no point voting them in if they were not allowed to think. If we disagree with how they represent us we get to elect someone else at the next election. That’s just how it works.

      1. Has the irony been lost that a daughter of an immigrant family is looking to end free movement for others. But perhaps she is opening the door to immigration for ‘her’ people as I understand it is up from other parts of the world. This nasty little woman has proven to be a loose cannon in the past, it would seem she has not improved. She was sacked from the Foreign Office, remember?

    2. Ed Davey isnt talking about a UK nurse. He is talking about a EU nurse. One of tens of thousands that the NHS desperately needs. But maybe you would understand it a little better if he had chosen a football player as example rather than a nurse. When Eden Hazard is refused entry after playing a match in Italy. Maybe you’d get the point then?

    3. An EU nurse working in the UK is unlikely to have a British passport because they are unlikely to be British citizens. Also they will have an EU compliant driving license probably issued by their own country, just like the British ones we currently have. So are you telling us all that a utility bill is ok to show at border control. Doesnt sound like taking back control to me.

  3. Thank you Guy for representing those who were excluded from the referendum, but who will be first hit by the consequences of this populist suicide train; the EU citizens in the UK and the UK citizens installed in the other EU countries. Thank you for being our voice.

  4. Any government that is supported by a racist party ie the DUP can only be the same or they will lose the right to rule. What ever happened to the word :Great: in Great Britain, not so Great now, Great Britain fought two world wars for Europe’s freedom now they are fighting each other for a dark and dangerous future, i would hate to see one of the worlds best nations on there knee’s from in fighting. Please make the right decisions to stop the train to hell.

  5. It all sounds a little harsh to me, but I can’t think for one moment it would be so abrupt. Just the usual scaremongering from the traitors I suspect.
    But if that prick guy verhoffdoodah doesn’t like It, they should have offered a more realistic deal shouldn’t they?

  6. Not all UK residents have a UK passport where did you get that from
    Driver’s licence a utility bill bank acc maybie but unless your a citizen you don’t have UK passport

  7. They offered a good deal……but little englanders and the DUP are hell bent on taking us all back to the last century…..but the real villains are the mega rich tax dodgers….the EU were introducing action to stop tax evasion and action against non Dom’s and tax havens. The Brexit boys don’t like that….must get us now!

  8. It’s funny the Uk is the problem they were the one who choose all of this
    But yet it’s always EU fault !!!they didn’t ask you to leave you choose to leave now you want the cake and fork !!! Brittons did this not Europe !!yet you want to treat the EU citizens like shit and you expect to be treated like Royalty? Think again Bob Europe is in the wright to treat Britts us the EU citizens get treated!!!it’s not the people’s fault by all means but sorry Brexiters and ferage and Boris caused all this termoil not Europe

  9. this is unbelievable, an EU nurse does not have automatically a british passport unless they apply to obtain a british citizenship and or settle status. Having a bill does not prove your residency, please read the residence rules from home office. You will learn how difficult people settling in this country must justify their years living in this country and still paying their taxes and pension

  10. Is this going to apply between Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland too ? A manned and controlled border with the EU ?

  11. Guy Verhofstedt is right, as always. You will hear the screaming from here to Russia if the EU do the same to our citizens, most of whom simply wanted a warmer, gentler, friendlier place to live and be. We forget that Brexit is going to screw their lives up equally.

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