Greta Thunberg, trying to save the planet, accused of spreading “politics of fear”

Climate activist and generation-leader Greta Thunberg has been tricked by adults to advocate the “politics of fear,” according to mediocre right-wing commentator Brendan O’Neill.

Speaking on talkRADIO earlier today, O’Neill said:

“What adults have done to Greta Thunberg is unforgivable. They have instilled terror in this mentally fragile girl.

“They’ve convinced her the world is doomed. And now they’re using her as the poster girl for their politics of fear. It is shameful.”


Thunberg is attracting right-wing bile for travelling, via boat, to a climate change conference in New York.

Thunberg has started her journey from Plymouth today, which O’Neill described as “the longest, most expensive, most ridiculous virtue signal of recent times.”

These statements are particularly ironic, given O’Neill’s record of stirring up doom, particularly around free speech issues. O’Neill, who edits the right-wing website Spiked, is the go-to writer for hyperbolic comment pieces about university free speech.

If you listened to O’Neill on the subject, you’d believe that UK campuses were patrolled by censorship zombies tasked with devouring right-wing activists (and I’m not exaggerating – check out the image attached to one of O’Neill’s articles).

In reality, if you spoke to any ordinary student about their top university concerns, we can guarantee that free speech would not be one of them.

If anyone represents the politics of fear, it is Brendan O’Neill, not Greta Thunberg.

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